Stefanie Sim Trs. and Beach Shack Realty Trust purchased 235 Meeting House Way in Edgartown from Gerald Atkinson and Joanne Silberg for $1,900,000 on May 11.

Stephanie Traham McClung purchased 15 Mill street, unit 23 in Edgartown from Michael S. Copeck and Teresa C. Copek for $320,000 on May 12.

James Russell and Elizabeth Russell purchased 20 Wood avenue in Edgartown from David Ames Jr. Trust and Ames Number Three Realty Trust for $685,000 on May 12.

Oak Bluffs

David E. Corvese Trs. and Dave Squared Nominee Trust purchased 18 Highland avenue in Oak Bluffs from Jacqueline N. Mitchell and David R. Parent Trs. for $550,000 on May 11.

James Lightburn and Christine Lightburn purchased 8 Fairway Drive in Oak Bluffs from Cristina Sampaio for $1,500,000 on May 13.

Paulo Muniz and Adriana De Oliveira Khouri purchased property on Franklin avenue in Oak Bluffs from Nina Conklin for $460,000 on May 13.

Vineyard Haven

BP Great Homes MA LLC purchased 154 Daggett avenue in Vineyard Haven from Patricia N. Lima Trs., Kristina R. Vickstrom Trs. and Eleanor C. Carreiro Testamentary Trust for $799,000 on May 9.

West Tisbury

3 Long Hill Road LLC purchased 63 Vineyard Meadow Farms Road in West Tisbury from Steven Kuncman and Rachel L. Kuncman for $1,600,000 on May 10.