Emily James Sturdivant and Carlos Enrique Dobler Morales were married on March 11 in Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico.

The couple met at Clark University in Worcester. Both are scientists with the Woodwell Climate Research Center in Falmouth, and plan to make their homes in Falmouth and Queretaro.

Emily is the daughter of Peggy Sturdivant and the late John James Sturdivant, and the firstborn grandchild of Herbert and Dorothy Wass of Oak Bluffs and Topsfield. She has been a summer visitor to her grandparent’s cottage in the Camp Ground since she was four months old.

Carlos is the son of Carl Heinz Dobler Mehner and Gabriela Morales Cruz of Queretaro.

Their Massachusetts family hopes to plan a wedding reenactment on an Oak Bluffs porch.