Town meeting was still going strong when a swell of semantics, not to mention this column’s long-passed deadline, finally washed me out at around 9 p.m. What sweet relief to be back home in the school gym, those familiar environs where so much has been decided over the years. It was standing room only for the first three hours but after the Housing Bank legislation was overwhelmingly approved, whole rows of seats opened up.

My abiding impressions are how thoughtful and passionate we are in West Tisbury, and how much we love to laugh. What I fondly think of as our wingnut factor was low tonight and moderator Dan Waters gently, skillfully guided each article through the shoals of tangent and unnecessary verbiage.

On my way out, I could hear the voices of children, cared for by volunteers down the hall in the junior high wing. It isn’t easy to pull away from the routine of dinner, bath and bedtime, but some parents managed it. Town meeting happens once a year and it’s important.

As I walked along Old County Road back to my car, feeling guilty for not staying, it occurred to me that just a few steps took me into a silence almost complete, under a sky filled with stars. How lucky are we?

Beginning on April 19, part of Tiah’s Cove Road will be closed while the culvert is replaced. That means if you want to visit Sepiessa, take Deep Bottom to Bradley Martin. And I speak from experience: take it nice and slow, for the sake of your vehicle.

Parent-teacher conferences at the West Tisbury School are now available via the Pickatime system. Grades five through eight will use Zoom, and grades one through four will be in person. Check your email.

Happy first birthday to Bowie Coutts this week. And big congratulations to all the kids who fished their hearts out last weekend at Duarte’s. The ice show, the Little League evaluations, the soccer and lacrosse and art and music and all the rest that keeps our children inspired and busy through the spring: so much thanks to give.