We are venturing big bold steps, not baby steps. Our high school students at the charter school spent a week in Puerto Rico. The Vineyard Montessori Elementery II class took a field trip to Lowell as a follow-up to their study of the Industrial Revolution. They caught a 6 a.m. boat to a bus to Lowell and learned of the water-powered textile mills that played a role in the changing times. Carol Osborn hopped a bus to Logan and headed off to Paris. Oh, no: she did not stop there. Carol connected for a flight to Nairobi. I cannot wait to hear of her adventures.

Closer to home, Judy Campbell’s dear Chris is hobbling around the house better since the mishap with his leg at their home in Plymouth. And Judy has covered a lot of ground with her soon-to-be-released new book, False Pretences. You can’t keep this couple down.

Earth Day is coming; time to tidy up the Island. Dedicated volunteers spent last weekend replanting grass around Sengekontacket. Up-island the attention was focused on planting grass on the dunes in Aquinnah. Thank you to all who contributed time and energy.

April 15 is my favorite day in Major League Baseball. It marks Jackie Robinson’s first game for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. In keeping with tradition, all players, coaches, umpires and managers will wear number 42 on April 15. An historic day.

Our community has lost two great, civic-minded men who were both well-known for their kindness, humor and commitment to working in local government to keep us running smoothly. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Harold Chapdelaine. And how to carry on without George Balco, who wore so many hats in service of our Island? Peace to them both.

Continued get well wishes go out to Barbara Pope Peckham and Lori Robinson Fisher. May the warmer weather smile on these fine ladies.

Anniversary bouquets go to Ed Wise and Marcia R. Wise. They celebrated 26 years of wedded bliss on April 12.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along my dear, multi-accomplished friend Muriel Gerhard. On April 7. Muriel turned 97. On April 12, Max Jasny, Siobhan Francis, Donna Long and David Holmberg partied. Eric Gerber claims April 15. And on April 19, Eleanor Hebert takes the cake. Many happy returns.