Emmett Favreau and Jack Crawford first shared the stage as singers at Island Theatre Workshop’s summer camp when they were both in grammar school. At the time they had the high voices of young boys and the camp directors decided to give them a duet from Into the Woods, traditionally sung in the deep voices of adults.

“We had very high-pitched squeaky voices and it ended up being very funny,” recalled Emmett.

The two singers have continued to share the stage at summer camps, with the regional high school Minnesingers and in school plays, including Les Miserables next week. Emmett is now a baritone and plays Inspector Javert. Jack, a tenor, plays Marius Pontmercy.

But in February, the young men experienced the biggest stage of their lives, performing at Symphony Hall in Boston as part of the elite all-state choral group.

Auditions for all-state began last fall with the southeast district competition. Abigail Chandler, who heads the high school performing arts department, helped Jack and Emmett prepare.

“They had to learn their individual voice parts as part of a four-part choral piece,” she said.

The young men were then invited to audition for all-state, which involved a much more complicated piece of music, Ms. Chandler said. Both were chosen, putting two Vineyarders in a choral group of about 200 of the best high school singers in the state.

Ms. Chandler recalled watching the rehearsal at Symphony Hall. “That was a high point, listening to the sounds all these kids make,” she said.

The experience left a big impression on the young men. 
“When we walked in, we sat down and watched the end of a jazz rehearsal before our rehearsal started,” Emmett said. “And when I was sitting down, I had a realization of how big the hall was. The stage goes so far back and surrounding it is this massive gold crest. It is epic.”

The choral group performed four songs, one in Arabic, one in Filipino and two in English. There was just one rehearsal a few days before the show.

“I worked on all of my music over February break and then we had like a 10-hour rehearsal on the Wednesday before the concert,” Jack said. “But when we started rehearsing, everyone around me made it a lot easier to learn the songs because everyone was so good.”

Emmett agreed, adding that the experience was new for all the singers. “That made the process easier, knowing we were all in it together to get to a certain point.”

And that certain point was performing for a huge audience of mostly unfamiliar faces.

“It was crazy,” Jack said. “The acoustics at Symphony Hall; it’s the coolest place I’ve ever seen sung at.”

“The space is so big but you can hear your voice and you can still hear everyone,” Emmett said.

Next up for the two singers is Les Miserables. Then next month they travel to Ireland with the Minnesingers for the high school choral group’s annual spring tour.

“One of the biggest challenges is that I’m pretty much singing every single day,” Emmett said. “And so I have to take care to not scream too much. It’s just a thing that I have to get used to.”