A police investigation into an alleged incident reported last month by the former Oak Bluffs health agent has found no criminal wrongdoing.

A series of police reports were released this week in connection with the incident involving health agent Meegan Lancaster. The reports detail a confusing and at times garbled timeline of events around the alleged incident.

On Feb. 6, a Sunday, Ms. Lancaster appeared in person at the police station to report a suspicious event, according to the reports. Ms. Lancaster told the officer on duty that she had found 10 mm bullet shells in a tote bag she was using for work. Ms. Lancaster told the officer that the tote bag had been at her house since before Christmas, and before that had been at her office in the town hall, according to the reports.

Ms. Lancaster also described “a hate style Facebook group about her due to her being health agent for Oak Bluffs,” according to the reports. She provided police with the tote bag and the empty casings, and agreed to make a formal written statement.

The statement was emailed the next day and the case was assigned to a detective.

Led. by Det. Timothy Millerick, the investigation that followed included extensive interviews with Ms. Lancaster and others, including the administrative assistant to the board of health, the assistant town manager and a licensed Island firearms dealer. The timeline of events spelled out in the report bounces back and forth between Ms. Lancaster’s home and the town hall. There is some confusion about the tote bag, which had at one point belonged to Ms. Lancaster’s mother, and had originated at an auction and raffle for an Island charity that police eventually found dated to the summer of 2020, according to the report.

No one interviewed for the investigation was able to provide any conclusive information about the source of the bullet casings, the report found.

On Feb. 10, Detective Millerick contacted Ms. Lancaster to inform her that he had found no suspects. She told him that she had just resigned her post with the town, according to the report, and thanked the police for their assistance.

Absent any new information, the investigation is now closed, acting Lieut. Nick Curelli told the Gazette this week.

“No criminal activity was found. We also cannot conclude that there was any criminal intent,” he said.