For anybody who just landed, pinkletink is our local nickname for a tiny frog, also known as the pseudacris crucifer. They tend to unfurl when the weather reaches about 50 degrees. Soon after that, they hit the puddles and start peeping. Males use their impressive vocal sac to make a single trill about a tenth of a second long, which lures in the females, because who can resist? With a good crowd of pinkletinks all trilling repeatedly, the wet woods seem abuzz with fairy static.

It’s one of the surefire signs of spring here and naturally everyone wants to be the first to hear the nighttime music. Cathy Peters heard them off upper Lambert’s Cove Road, and sent me a lovely video, so my vote goes to her this year.

Early on Monday morning, we took a mini-walk at Priester’s Pond, where the branches hanging low over the water were sleeved with ice. But the day warmed up quickly. The bulbs are pushing up shoots outside the post office. Only the salt-bleached roads remind us that just days ago, there was snow on the ground.

Thanks to the Island’s generosity, the West Tisbury and Chilmark fifth-graders sold enough raffle tickets to make a real dent in the cost for their upcoming Shenandoah voyage, scheduled for the week after the Fair. Cindy Andrews, Jeff Parker and Melinda McCarron were the lucky winners.

7a Foods is open again, and we ran into Jill Lane there on the very first day. The sun was shining and we walked in and picked up our order, for the first time in two years.

Kristi Strahler was good enough to send word that the League of Women Voters of MV is sponsoring a Zoom candidates’ forum on MVTV, Channel 15, at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29. Deborah Medders is the moderator for this event. James Klingensmith, Christopher Lyons and Jessica Miller — the three candidates running for the contested seat on the select board — are all invited to present their positions and answer questions. If you have a question, send it to beforehand.

The West Tisbury School has chosen Save the Children as its charity of choice this year. They are hoping to raise $5,000. Donations came be made at

Happy birthday to Eileen Maley, Robyn Maciel, Molly Scarbrough and Sue Merrill. In case you have not noticed, I am not especially timely about this birthday-wishing thing, and sometimes dispense with it altogether. But I’m delighted to include anyone’s special day, whether it’s a birthday or some other occasion.

Sometimes I wish we could just stay in March a little longer. This spring feels like the calm before the storm, in so many ways. Be well, everyone, and let us treasure every day together.