I am hoping that the storm we had this past weekend was the last of the snow. I know we will get more rain and wind but I think I am through with the snow this winter. But we never know.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Isabelly Santana and Hailey Townes, who celebrated on March 12; Elias Graves on March 13; Una Da Silva, Harper Gilkes and Brayann Silva on March 15; Daniel Bortolotto and Ana Sodre on March 16; and to Alexandra DeMello and Asher Meyer, who celebrate their day on March 17.

John Macy and his wife Leah welcomed their first child, Elgin James Macy, on March 7. I call John my California son: John’s family is from California but has summered in Vineyard Haven for many years. John’s father Mike played basketball in the summer with Mike Donaroma and Charlie Leighton for many years. That is how John came to work with Donaroma’s and he lived with me those summers. I am so happy for both he and Leah, and I can’t wait to meet Elgin. Congratulations to all.

My front and side gardens have crocuses up and blooming. It amazes me that even the snow rain and wind never bothered them.

I went out to clean around them so we could see the full effect of their colors, only to be reminded that we should not remove the leaves until the temperature holds steady at 50 degrees. The leaves not only keep roots warm and put nutrients back in the ground but a lot of butterflies and moths as pupa are in the leaf litter. So, when you rake the leaves, you are removing a whole population of butterflies you would see in your yard. Needless to say, the leaves can stay a little longer.

It is so nice to have it light at six in the evening. Things are waking up. Deliveries are being made to houses that are under construction. The nursery is getting in the shrubs; the boxwoods and hollies have arrived; and the nursery is filling fast now we are waiting patiently to be able to put the flowers out.

If you would like your child to make a difference in the community, the Children’s Room at the library provides many flexible opportunities for volunteer work. Volunteering in the Children’s Room can also count toward community service requirements for school. Call the library or email childrens@edgartownlibrary.org for more information.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.