Students at Falmouth Academy studied some fascinating stuff and presented it at their recent Science and Engineering Fair. Chilmark kid Clara Athearn was awarded second place for The Effect of Different Concentrations of Bacillus thuringiensis on the Growth of Manduca sexta. I think for those of us who aren’t wholeheartedly science-oriented, this translates to testing organic insecticide on hornworms. Tune in next week when I plan to share Clara’s finding.

Speaking of Clara: she, along with her parents Meg and Dan and younger siblings Zeb and Penny, took advantage of school break and jetted off to northern California with Chris Carroll and Kendra Buresch and their gals Oona and Emme. Dear friend Leah also joined the adventure to see great big Sequoia trees, the Pacific and fun-loving Jenny who spent last summer with the Carroll girls and interning at Marine Biological under the tutelage of Kendra. I’ve been traveling along through the occasional picture iMessaged back home.

Welcome to Leo David Dodge who was born on March 8 and welcomed home by three-and-a-half year old big sister Rosie. His parents, Kate Schulte and Baird Dodge, will surely show off this handsome little wonder when in town this summer.

They had a long, wonderful and memorable run with little Opie in the mix but after 16 years their faithful pup stopped sniffing the earth and frolicking with the squirrels. Amy Cody and John Furst’s PondMark house is a little quieter these days but they are managing to fill some of that time with visits to their California grandchildren August and Rosemary.

There are some proud parents in town this week as Gettysburg College senior Gabe Ambulos announces his invitation to join the Phi Beta Kappa Society. The academic honor society has a long and selective history dating back to the 1700s. Let’s join Mary and Perry by shouting out a big congratulations. Moments like these wander my mind into reflection. It seems like just yesterday that Gabe A. — as he was fondly known at the Chilmark School since there was also a Gabe B. in his class — was running around the ball field with his classmates, passing a soccer ball and donning grass-green kneed sweatpants like the rest of them.

Gryphon and Latham Kurth took to the slopes in northern Vermont with their parents Katy and Ryan. Burke and Jay Peak have offered them the greatest opportunity to shred some fresh powder. From what I hear, all of northern New England has had some really good snow. I hope to get up to North Conway to visit some family in the coming weeks. There won’t be any skiing for me but a good hike is long overdue.

Tegan Fenner is out of his boot cast after breaking his foot a few weeks ago. He’s still using crutches to get from point A to B, but is quickly mending just in time to slip back into a wetsuit and take to the surf as the waters begin to slowly warm as spring knocks on our door.

March 14, fondly known as Pi Day, was also Ella Oskan’s eighteenth birthday. She had multiple little get-togethers with friends and family but a highlight for me was her blowing out the candles on the red velvet cake she ate in my house.

Also celebrating 18 was Adam Miller. He breeched adulthood on March 9. Just like the Gabes, he was one of the kids frolicking on the Chilmark School ball field. I miss those carefree afternoons filled with kids laughing, running and grass staining their knees under a setting sun, asking for just five more minutes to play. Fond memories.