I think back to the days of old man Lenny Jason pulling up a chair at the Texaco and, in his deep booming voice, telling stories. Sometimes there were stories about fishing and other times there were stories of rum runners. I’ll be honest and admit I cannot recall the details but often I’ll gaze out to sea on the south side and envision ships sneaking towards shore during Prohibition, with barrels and bottles stowed away under the cover of darkness.

Lenny is long gone and stories like these seem to creep further and further back in our minds as the gap continues to widen between present day and Prohibition. Tom Dresser hopes to capture some of these stories in his next book, titled Martha’s Vineyard in the Roaring 20s. So, if you care to re-tell a tale about anything having to do with that era, please reach out to him at thomasdresser@gmail.com.

A couple of summer kids who met (give or take) 10 years ago while working at Larsen’s Fish Market fell in love, married and had a little boy named Beckett. Fast forward to Feb. 23, 2022 and Beckett now has a little brother. Hugo was welcomed to the world in the car by mom and dad in Manhattan and was quickly introduced to FDNY, NYPD and a wonderful PICU nurse passing by. All are happy, well and reveling in the excitement that baby number two has already brought into their lives. Welcome Hugo. We look forward to seeing you on Squid Row this summer.

After 10 years of riding as a mixed-pro team in the Trans Andes Challenge, Mike Broderick and Mary McConneloug have opted out this year. The two continue to hit the trails and shout out words of encouragement to get out there on the trails even if they are in your backyard. Mountain biking is a great way to see new places, meet new friends and enjoy life in the great outdoors.

Speaking of cyclists hitting the trails, happy birthday to Todd Christy who brought March in like a lamb on the first.

The Chilmark School PTO is gearing up for their big fundraiser. In years past the PTO hosted a live event with music, food, dancing and one doozy of an auction. For the past couple of years it has transitioned to an online event because of the pandemic.

Once again, the PTO has opted to keep the Chilmark School Spring Fling Fundraiser online. It will run from March 27 through April 3. You can register at events.handbid.com/auctions/chilmark-spring-fling-fundraiser and look forward to browsing some really unique one-of-a-kind items.

As always, the annual fundraiser offsets student costs for the 3/4 kayaking adventure, 4/5 week-long trip on the Shenandoah, fifth grade ski trip and more. Ask any Chilmark School alum: these programs truly make the Chilmark School the unique place that it is.

After sneaking off to Cozumel, Mexico with Caleb, Chris and Celia, Jane Slater has returned to her Basin Road home with a little extra pink in her cheeks. Swimming, lounging poolside, taking in local scenery, eating fresh fish, all under the warmth of the sun really gives on a boost especially in the midst of the bleak New England February doldrums. While in Mexico, they celebrated Caleb’s birthday. What fun.

Others have snuck away to sunny, far-away places. Many friends and neighbors are closer to the equator and likely to return from Florida, Puerto Rico, Nevis, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and more feeling revived and ready to embrace March which, for most, is the kick-off point for summer preparations. I’m a tad jealous, but can find my excitement in hearing your stories. Please share when you return so the rest of us can live vicariously. You all know who you are.