Often, when weather forecasters warn of a big storm coming, the reaction is a bit of a “ho-hum!” When one of them compared the coming storm to a possible blizzard of ‘78 repeat, I took notice. I filled containers with water and brought in wood, ever thankful for a woodstove. Lucky for me I did not lose power. My friend Sharlee, on Chappy, was out for more than 24 hours. Pioneer women may have been mentioned.

I cannot remember such a long period of sustained wind. For the first time in years I never ventured outside. I left the chickens with food and water, locked in their coop for the duration.

Here it is three days later and they still refuse to come out. I spread wood ash for them but they seem afraid of the snow.

During the storm I watched a flock of robins eat every one of the winter berries. They had a difficult time keeping their bearings in the intense gusts.

Back home in Rew, Penn., robins were a sign of spring. We never saw them mid-winter. Here on the Vineyard with much milder winters we have Canadian robins who spend their southern migration here.

I certainly cannot tell the differences in the birds just by observation. I only have a basic skill in bird recognition. I do have an Audubon field guide at the ready.

I have always meant to improve my skill in this area. Oh well. Maybe in my next life.

For several days I have been watching a bird who seems determined to come inside. He climbs up and down the kitchen window. When he sees me inside, he goes to the car and tries to get into it. I can’t say I blame him; it’s cold out there.

Back to winter berries briefly. A week or so ago I noticed a large flock of turkeys on State Road almost into Vineyard Haven. They were eating the winter berries in ornamental pots on someone’s front porch.

I have absolutely nothing in gardens to report — no kidding! I have been enjoying some pea shoots in salads. It’s nice to have something homegrown and green.

Seems like a good week to do absolutely nothing. I have a list of “shoulds” but cannot get any motivation. I saw a great bumper sticker: “I started with nothing and still have most of it left.”

One thing I’ve been putting off is going through the pantry to find onions and squashes that have seen better days. Also, sprouts need to be removed from the half-bushel of potatoes still remaining.

Rain is in the forecast for the rest of this week so perhaps I can get back outdoors. Trudging through snow has already lost its appeal.

Someone should read his Miranda rights to Donald Trump. Then again, I guess nothing he says will be used against him in a court of law. He actually said he expected Mike Pence to overturn the election. I wonder if he has considered that Kamala Harris will be the vice president counting the 2024 electoral votes.

Also, his supporters who believe he will pardon them, pay their legal fees, bail them out, etc. should look at his track record. Ask people who worked for him in New York. He never pays nor is he loyal.

I long for the day when he is completely irrelevant.