I took yet another trip to Amherst this past week, this time to see Violet in a symphony orchestra. We were treated with four movements from Johannes Brahams’ Symphony No. 4 in E Minor.

Once again, although the weather was perfect for traveling, I frightened myself on the highway. I wonder when I became so untrusting of fellow drivers. It’s the use of devices while supposedly watching the road. I’m telling on myself for my advancing years.

Marigolds were still blooming in the ornamental containers at the Woods Hole Steamship Authority terminal. I wonder when that project will ever be completed on the dock over there. Hasn’t it been years?

I was curious about the phragmites in the center medians on the Massachusetts Turnpike. I guess I wrongly assumed they only grew in salt marshes. I need to brush up on my botanical knowledge.

There is a small pond at the center of the UMass campus. We watched from our hotel window on Tuesday morning as literally hundreds of Canada geese descended on it from who knows where. We commented that it must be radioactive from their droppings.

Huge thanks go out to son Reuben and grandson Michael. They put my hoop house back together after last month’s storm damage. I picked up a ton of plastic debris from the old covering. It was not lost on me that it will continue to break down but never disappear. Our poor world.

I picked the rest of the turnips and radishes. They were way past their prime but the pigs seemed to enjoy them anyway. In my Sept. 17 column, I had a photo of newly-arrived baby chicks. The last one was popped into the freezer on Nov. 22. It weighed in at seven and a half pounds. Imagine that, just under 10 weeks.

There is a single Goldsturm rudbeckia blooming in front of Cronig’s. I love that.

Speaking of loving something: it’s worth a trip up to Beetlebung Corner to check out the sea world-themed Christmas decorations at the Larsen’s.

Santa is on the roof in a boat anchored in place, an octopus family is enjoying a Christmas story and a holiday is celebrated under water. How fitting for a family of fishmongers,

Marie incorporated a few red peacock ornamental kales into the display. That kale also comes in green and white. It will hold up after a summer in beds, pots or window boxes to be used in both fall and outdoor Christmas decorations.

I’m writing this late on Tuesday evening. It is the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. My dad, just 20 years old, went right down to the Navy recruiter to sign up for duty. How different the culture was in those times.

Fast forward to today’s non-stop news coverage. I fear that the Jan. 6 select committee is going the way of the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump and his cronies get away with everything. The stalling and delaying will continue until the Republicans gain control of Congress. Marge Green will probably be elected as speaker of the house. I refuse to call her by her three names. I think she just wanted to compete with A.O.C, on every level.

In other news, Dec. 8 marks 41 years since the death of John Lennon. I remember it like yesterday. Lillian Esposito came into the Black Dog, crying, and announced it to the full restaurant.

Life goes on. Good thing we remember it is often wonderful.