The two-week shotgun hunting season for deer began 30 minutes before sunrise Monday on Martha’s Vineyard, as bright orange attire is again in vogue at properties across the Island.

Following a slow-starting bow hunting season, hunters can now shoot deer on many public and some private Vineyard lands, including the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest and many Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank properties.

“It was slow to start off because of all the warm weather,” said Ian Jochems, manager of the Agricultural Hall deer locker in West Tisbury, speaking about bow hunting season which began in early October.

But he said bow hunting began to pick up as the weather cooled. He added that he expects shotgun season will pick up where bow season left off.

On the run on Middle Road. — Albert O. Fischer

“I’m sure it’ll be a good shotgun season as normal,” Mr. Jochems said.

Massachusetts environmental police Sgt. Scott Opie said Monday morning that the state forest is already busy with hunters.

“There’s been heavy traffic in here,” he said. He added that he hasn’t received any complaints so far this season, and noticed that hunters have been wearing proper high-visibility clothing.

For the first week of the shotgun season, hunters are required to bring their deer to check stations for MassWildlife biologists to collect data.

By noon Monday, MassWildlife habitat biologist Fletcher Clark and wildlife technician Connor Fleming said they had only seen two deer checked in at the state forest. But Mr. Fleming noted the Vineyard has one of the highest deer populations in the state, far above the state-targeted density of 12 to 18 deer per mile.

“So they’re coming,” Mr. Clark said.

Throughout the bow hunting season which ran from Oct. 4 to Nov. 27, Mr. Jochems said the Agricultural Hall locker received just over 20 deer. He also organizes the distribution of venison to those in need by the Island Grown Initiative. Last season, 22 deer were donated to IGI by hunters, and more than 600 pounds of venison were distributed to Vineyard families.

Mr. Jochems said there are plenty of deer, according to reports.

“We’ve seen a lot of deer . . . just shooting them is the thing,” he said.

The shotgun season runs through Saturday, Dec. 11. There is no hunting on Sundays. Walkers and bikers are encouraged to wear blaze orange clothing and use caution, especially in the early mornings and late afternoons.

Hunting on land bank properties is by permission.