Covid-19 case counts on Martha’s Vineyard continued to see a slight upward trend last week, with 19 confirmed positive cases reported by the Island boards of health in their weekly report issued Monday.

The weekly count includes a cluster of six cases that were reported from an unidentified construction site.

The report covers the week running from Friday, Nov. 21 to Saturday, Nov. 27. Of the 19 cases, 15 were tested at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and four were tested at Test MV, the free Covid testing site at the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury. The hospital tests symptomatic patients while Test MV provides testing for people who have no symptoms.

Among the cases, 18 were patients who are fully vaccinated, according to the report.

To date on the Vineyard there have been 2,270 Covid cases, 1,091 of them male and 1,056 of them female. Six cases have been confirmed positive for the Delta variant, according to the report.

Tisbury health agent Maura valley said in an email Monday that the boards of health have not yet discussed the new omicron variant that emerged over the Thanksgiving holiday, prompting warnings from the World Health Organization and disrupting international travel.