The weather has certainly changed significantly over the past week, with temperature in the 60s dropping to the 40s at night. Even the derby fishermen find the weather unappealing.

The Community Baptist Church will hold a special meeting on Sunday, Oct. 10 at 11:30 a.m. at the church to discuss the issue of property as well as the future of the parsonage. All Aquinnah residents are invited to attend.

Monday is Indigenous Peoples Day and Tuesday is Cranberry Day in Aquinnah. Our national holiday to harvest cranberries, the last berries of the season.

The Up-Island Council on Aging has resumed the discussion group on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. on the patio. Masks are required. Don’t forget to make an appointment to update your open enrollment. Please call (508) 693-2896 to make an appointment.

Fossil Fred Hotchkiss invites all to Fossil Day 2021 at the Tabernacle on Saturday, Oct. 16 from 2 to 6 p.m. A great time for all ages. Bring your own fossils to share with the experts..

The Aquinnah Lighthouse Advisory Board and the Aquinnah Select Board duly appointed Christopher P. Manning to serve as the new lighthouse keeper. Of course, his family is very proud of Chris and his appointment.

All the best to Noah Asimow as he leaves the Vineyard Gazette after covering the Aquinnah news over the past three years. He will be missed.

Kristina Leslie returned home over the past week after attending the American Indian Science and Engineering Society in Phoenix, Ariz. with her grandson Max Staples. Max is a freshman at Case Western Reserve School of Engineering in Cleveland. There were many technical companies at the conference and he was offered several internships.

Durwood and Jamie Vanderhoop and their sons Sowanash, Kuypay, Mataquahs and Ahsun returned home on Monday after visiting grandparents Ronald and Joanne Spears in Rhode Island before they head to Florida for the winter.

It has been a very sad week of losing so many friends. My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Madeleine Carroll, April Cimeno-Franzago, Joyce Willoughby DelTorto, Rita Pachico Gale, Terry Iadicicco Lowe and Arnie Reisman.

Happy 16th anniversary to Paul and Theresa Manning on Oct. 8.

Happy 24th anniversary to Paul and Genie O’Donnell on Oct. 11.

Happy 26th anniversary to Marshall and Katie Carroll on Oct. 14.

Happy 24th anniversary to Peter and Rita Jeffers on October 14.

Happy 21st anniversary to Christopher and Kendra Carroll on Oct. 14.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Marie Mercer on Oct. 6, sharing the day with Elena Noble. Emily Hughes celebrated on Oct. 7.

Marguerite Smith will party on Oct. 8. Greg Clark and Vicki Danberg celebrate on Oct. 9. Oceana Vanderhoop-Dias will be 10 years old on Oct. 9. Walter Ricciardi will celebrate on Oct. 10.

Dr. Norma Wilner Zack, Zachary Smalley and Kristin Siple Mathias all celebrate on Oct. 11. Jeff Ciciora will party on Oct. 12. Brenda Duart will celebrate a milestone on Oct. 14. Forrest Alley will observe his special day on Oct. 15.