The weather has been holding up well for the fishing derby and for beachgoers. Warm, in the 70s, and calm breezes. Beach plums are still abundant.

Karate classes are being taught at the Aquinnah Town Hall on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7:15 p.m. Stop by to see if you would like to sign up for the classes.

Gabriella Camilleri has already started planning the Aquinnah Artisans Fair for Dec. 11 and 12. All Aquinnah residents are invited to participate. Gabbi will try to recruit the food truck, as she had the last time in 2019. There will be a craft table and a dining table. Please notify Gabbi at if you are interested in participating.

Ladyfest MV is an annual music festival held for the benefit of CONNECT to End Violence, which operates under the umbrella of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. It was co-founded by Rose Guerin and Kelly Feirtag in 2017, with special assistance from The Ritz Cafe. This year’s festivities begin on Saturday, Oct. 2 at 5 p.m. on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs.

Congratulations to BM2 Joshua Boytek and his wife Fatine Othmane on the birth of their daughter on Sept. 25. Little Sofia May Boytek weighed in at seven pounds. She is welcomed home by her five-year old brother Logan.

A huge thank you to Harry Ricciardi for literally running to my damsel in distress moments while smoke emanated from the hood of my car the other day. Very thoughtful and heroic of Harry to make sure of my safety. Many thanks!

Jennifer Staples has returned to Los Angeles after spending the summer with her mother Kristina Leslie and operating their shop, Bowen’s Arrow, which will be open on weekends for the next few weeks.

On Oct. 1, Happy 26th anniversary wishes to Captain William D. Vanderhoop (aka Captain Buddy) and his bride Lisa Bibko.

Captain Hollis Smith and his wife Captain Robin Robinson celebrate their 17th anniversary on Oct. 2.

Happy 13th anniversary to Damon Runyon and Anna Cotton on Oct. 4.

Happy 37th anniversary to Judge James Hubert and Jody Queen on Oct. 7.

Kathy Santos Smith celebrated on Sept. 28. Chris Carroll and Liz Gude share the day on the 29th. Michael Abram celebrates on the 30th.

On Oct. 1, Elliana May Smith will be four years old, Grace Calla Vanderhoop will celebrate a milestone, and Alyssa Mayrand will party. Jessica Seeman shares Oct. 2 with Tim Murphy and Coco Adams. Louie Ives will be four years old on Oct. 3. Harry Ricciardi will also party that day.

Oct. 4 is a day of celebration for Robert Peterson, Menasha Leport, Ted Sutton and Jane Lancellotti. Bill Kistner celebrates his 89th birthday on Oct. 5, sharing the day with Pat Z., Alayna Hutchinson and Jayden Baird. Oct. 7 is a day of celebration for Arnold Zack, Nancy Slate, Heath Widdiss and Peter Tagge.