The free mobile vaccine bus is back on Island, setting up shop in the gymnasium parking lot of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School this Saturday and Sunday.

Hours are 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are available.

Although the bus is focused on providing first and second dose vaccinations, the state Department of Public Health authorized third-dose booster shots for anyone over the age of 65 on Friday night.

With the authorization, the bus can also provide third dose booster shots to eligible patients, including people who are immunocompromised or over 65.

“We want people to get their first and second dose. It’s a bonus that we can offer the booster today and tomorrow,” said Leah Palmer, the school ELL coordinator and director of the Community Ambassador Program, which has helped coordinate the bus with Vineyard health agents and Island Health Care.

“This is an easy way to get your first and second shot, especially if there are language access issues,” Ms. Palmer said. “But we can take off some of the pressure on third shots from the hospital.”

“We had a big crowd right in the beginning,” she added.

The high school is also hosting a newcomer healthcare access clinic this weekend, focused on informing new students enrolling in the Island schools about the plethora of resources available to them and their families, including a dental clinic. Funding from the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation helped set up the access clinic and provide translators.

According to Ms. Palmer, the school system has about 400 English language learners, up from 336 at the beginning of the school year. There are approximately 35 new enrollees at the regional high school

“We are really enrolling new families every single day,” Ms. Palmer said. “We’re pretty busy over here.”