Ah, Autumn: a wonderful time across the Vineyard. The birds are beginning their migration, the fishing derby is in full swing, grapes are ripe for the picking and the traffic has lessened considerably.

Tuesdays at the Howes House is the day for fresh fruits and vegetables from the Gleaners. Thursday mornings are the time for the fish distribution through the end of the derby. First come first served in both instances.

All the best to Martina Buretic as she departed on Wednesday to meet her cousin in Denver and to travel to Los Angeles before heading back home to Croatia. This was Martina’s second summer of working at Cliffhangers and spending the summer with the Manning family.

Reverend Michael Dawson and his wife Marie are ensconced in a cottage in Menemsha for the next week. This year, they are spending three weeks on the Vineyard, visiting with friends and simply relaxing. Yours truly enjoyed having lunch with them at the Black Dog Tavern on Friday.

Theresa Manning, Kayla and Kylee Darcy, as well as Martina Buretic, returned home Sunday evening after a quick trip to Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Their trip included attending a surprise birthday party for William Kistner Sr., who is observing his 89th year. While there, they went apple picking, so we now have delicious apple desserts.

Pearl Vercruysse is a student at Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan. She enjoyed a recent visit from Reverend Cathlin Baker and her daughter Pickle.

Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Alain Lucas, who passed away at his home a week ago. Services were held on Saturday in Oak Bluffs. He was a musician and a friend to many. He will be missed.

Happy 17th anniversary to Dan Sauer and Wenonah Madison on September 25.

Happy Birthday to James Sanfilippo and Lewis Emmett Moore on September 25. Spa Tharpe parties on the 26th. Haven Cutler will reach a milestone on her special day of September 26. Kathy Ivory, Paul O’Donnell, Dennis Rose and Dr. Jason Lew share the day on the 27th. Lauren Didiuk and Kathleen Smith share the 28th. Christopher Carroll and Liz Gude celebrate on the 29th. Michael Abram will party on the 30th.