I’m ashamed that I ever complain about the weather. The news today mentioned two places. Workers are picking vegetables in 115 degrees just north of Los Angeles. So far this year, 73 have died from heat exhaustion.

Then, to make a major earthquake even worse, Haiti is experiencing heavy rains from tropical storm Grace. Thoughts and prayers are in order, as well as contributing to some aid organizations.

I’ve had it with deer. I’m saying “uncle!” I’m never planting hostas or daylilies again on properties with no fencing. It’s impossible to keep up with the spraying. Plus, I think the deer think that Bobbex is a condiment.

I’ve changed my opinion on two mid-summer plants. I used to be ambivalent but now am using a lot of Russian sage and whirling butterfly gaura. Not only are they deer-proof but the blue and white combination is soothing.

The news today also mentioned a volcano on the island of Java. Lava is flowing two miles from the summit. I laughed as I had just purchased a miniature crape myrtle called lava java. What are the odds?

The heat and humidity are great for the vegetable garden. I am swamped with green beans, sun gold tomatoes and zucchini. I didn’t go into the garden for two days and was dismayed to find two baseball bat-sized zucchini. Good thing I have chickens. They love all kinds of squash, both winter and summer.

I have an ancient dog who loves to go in the truck with me. She sleeps all the time except when we go into the bank drive-through, the gas station or the dump. She knows when I make a turn and readies herself for a biscuit. I wonder how she knows so quickly?

It’s alarming that the number of positive Covid cases has jumped in the past week. Hopefully, the annual Agricultural Fair will be safe. It was cancelled last summer and folks are looking forward to it this year.

When my children were small, we entered quite a few items. We all remember when our lop-earned rabbit, Bun Bun, won a blue ribbon. This is the same bunny we let run loose in the house. We pretended he was trained to the litter box.

One time my freezer stopped working. A repairman was called. I came home to find it fixed. On top was the chewed-through cord, an invoice and two strategically-placed little pieces of rabbit doody. I paid the bill and we did not discuss it!

I’m not Catholic so I never heard a sermon by the soon-to-be-retired Father Nagle. He did deliver the remarks at the funeral of my longtime friend and mentor Helen McGrath, affectionately known as Nurse Helen. She was loved and admired by many. He said something I will remember and cherish the rest of my life: “When Helen meets Jesus at the pearly gates, he will shake her hand and say ‘Helen, well done!”

P.S. Violet goes to college in a week so I’m losing my Covid companion and photographer. We’ve begun packing her belongings. It’s a time-consuming undertaking, so I hope I will eventually get back to fussing in my garden.