I wish I could tell you what was going on Chappy this week...or last week or next week.

There once were maybe nine to 10 pockets of people that mixed and mingled within their respective groups, but I’d estimate that pocket number to be closer to 50 now. Chappy has grown so diversely (and somewhat transiently) populated over the past couple decades that it truly is impossible to catalogue the movements of its people. The Chappy Community Center does, however, stand alone in this swirling waters of activity, a rock on which to land and gather in common.

I, again, highly suggest visiting the CCC website to check out their calendar page. I think many people could be kept quite busy and content with just lobster rolls, ice cream, tai chi and mah jong...but that’s just a sampling of what the CCC offers. Kids’ camps, picnic series, classical music, tennis...the list is long.

The Point to Point five-mile road race will once again be run on Sunday August 29. This is a really great race that intersects Chappy while bringing us all together. The net proceeds benefit the Chappaquiddick Wampanoag Tribe’s cultural program.

There was a day, not so long ago, that I could name most of the runners laying down rubber on Chappy asphalt, but not so much now.

I can say with some confidence that from 1992 to 2008, I logged more miles on Chappy roads than any single person roaming the earth. And with such mileage came a lot of exposure to Chappy’s running regulars and seasonal runners. I was a waver, believing that it was a happy accident when runners met on a road, sort of a kindred bond of foot warriors. But few shared this belief. I discovered that the adjective “happy” rarely modifies the noun “runner.”

But I suspect that the Point to Point will be a much more festive and exhilarating experience than my daily awkward hand gestures that would start as a wave and end as if I was simply scratching an itch up high.

Ultimately, there are those happenings that bring the greatest number of Chappy folks together in combined participation and the observation of said participation. I speak, of course, of the really, really large parties that land on Chappy shores maybe once a year. This year’s was a Disco Party. I’d guess that maybe one percent of the Chappy population attended this party, but another eighty percent witnessed it’s pre- and post- productions.

The Chappy Point is a great funneling tool that inevitably pools the comers and goers into one small inlet in which all can enjoy the visual fishing. Lots of taxis going the wrong way through the paved parking lot and even more dime-store afro wigs. I had the great pleasure of finding one such wig near my sixth green (on which there was a $250 knee-sized divot taken out). The pick-up of a couple dozen White Claw empties and the discovery of more divots only added to my merriment. Everyone loves a good party! Kind of made the June wedding on the golf course look like a gathering of the Algonquin Roundtable in comparison.

Until we meet again, I wish you all smooth sailing and minimal jellyfish stings.