The latest in a string of lawsuits seeking to invalidate the taking by eminent domain of the Yellow House by the town of Edgartown was dismissed Monday by a superior court judge.

Edgartown attorney Benjamin L. Hall, whose family trust owned the building on the corner of Main and Summer streets, has now unsuccessfully sued the town three times to get the taking reversed. The second lawsuit is under review by the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

The building, which once housed a popular bookstore, was vacant and had long fallen into disrepair when the town took the property by eminent domain in June 2017. The Halls were paid $3 million.

The town-owned property has since been renovated and now houses a Lululemon store.

The legal action alleges various missteps and technical violations by the Edgartown selectmen. In an eight-page ruling Judge Mark C. Gildea found that the allegations were substantially the same as those that had been dismissed in an earlier lawsuit and could not be re-litigated.