Since 2017, the Fluke for Luke fishing tournament has raised money for the college education of Jacob and Sam Gurney, the sons of Luke Gurney, an Island fisherman who died in a fishing accident in 2016. This year, these funds will be put to use when Jacob heads off to the University of Rhode Island in the fall to study marine biology.

Luke’s wife Robyn said Jacob wants to use his education to carry on his father’s legacy.

“[Luke] was always really into conservation and teaching people, and Jacob wants to continue that,” she said.

The fourth annual Fluke for Luke fishing tournament drew 328 anglers and 29 teams this weekend. In addition to registration fees, the event raised funds through a silent auction.

Jacob, Robyn and Sam Gurney. — Mark Alan Lovewell

The two-day tournament concluded with an awards ceremony at the Portuguese American Club Sunday afternoon. At the celebration many attendees donned Fluke for Luke gear as they ate fresh oysters, swapped fishing tips and shared their favorite stories about Luke.

“This community has been amazing to us over the last five years,” Mrs. Gurney said over the live music and hum of the crowd. “Me and the boys feel very fortunate.”

In order to keep the focus on the Gurney family, many participants asked to be referred to simply as friends of Luke.

“He always made everybody and everything around him a much better place and a much better day,” a friend of Luke noted, adding that his son is named Luke in his friend’s honor.

Greg Skomal named a white shark after Luke.

Participants delivered their catch to the weigh-in shack at the PA club, where event organizers recorded the figures and updated the tournament rankings as the competition neared its 4 p.m. deadline.

“It’s an oiled machine, but not a well-oiled machine,” one of the volunteers said of the process.

Greg Skomal, biologist and shark expert, told the crowd about the white shark he tagged and named after Luke.

“[The shark] pinged in again just a couple of days ago, and when I’m out there, every now and then, I get to see him,” Mr. Skomal said. “I get to see white shark Luke, and I reflect about the free spirit, the wildness of Luke Gurney. That’s what really brings us all together here every single year.”

Beau Begin, David Merry and Mike Tinus keep the oysters flowing. — Mark Alan Lovewell

Josh Kresel won the adult fluke category with a 6.15-pound fish, and Sam Gurney, Luke’s son, won the adult sea-bass category with a 3.89-pound catch.

The Dukes of Fluke team won the team competition with a total weight of 23.15 pounds. With the top spot, team members James and Dylan Cafferty won $725. The duo donated their winnings to the scholarship fund for Jacob and Sam Gurney.

Dylan Cafferty also won both the junior sea-bass and junior fluke categories with a 4.42 pound sea-bass and a 6.36 pound fluke. With the heaviest overall sea-bass in the tournament, he was awarded a custom sea-bass rod.

In keeping with the day’s generosity, Dylan opted to give the fishing rod to Sam Gurney.

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