That was a pretty impressive rain shower on Tuesday afternoon. I was driving at the time and my wipers did not move fast enough. I passed a small group of young people walking along the road. They were so wet they looked naked from a distance. That’s something you don’t see every day.

Both Heather Gardens and Morrice the Florist have pink and white Kousa dogwoods that seem to be one tree. I mentioned the Montana clematis at Heather Gardens a few weeks ago. It has gone by but now an impressive Betty Corning is blooming. A Group 2 clematis, Betty Corning blooms on both old and new wood.

The gardens at the Chilmark branch of Martha’s Vineyard Bank are multi-seasonal. They have worked great for months starting with daffodils and now with poppies. Because I’m hesitant to look too long while driving, I’m not sure but it looks like the entire field from the Agricultural Hall to the bend in the road across from the cemetery is covered in daisies. If not, it’s white all the way.

June is the month for roses. There are several that stood out to me in my travels this week. For starters the roadsides all the way from West Tisbury to up-Island are covered with multi-floral roses. While simply lovely, pray you don’t have them on your own property. They are impossible to control or remove. They send their extremely long canes everywhere and re-root. By the way, a climbing rose is a misnomer. They do not, in fact, climb without help. The old rose books refer to them as Long Cane Roses. In my opinion the nicest one is Dr. W. Van Fleet. It’s ancient, only blooms once in June, and is the ancestor of the now common New Dawn seen all over the Island on white picket fences.

The four corners intersection at Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road and State Road has a few nice specimens. The State Road side of the house on the corner has a beautiful purple bush rose that I’ve admired and mentioned for years. Then at the bottom of the Edgartown Road, a nice pink one runs up a neat trellis.

My personal favorite is the Zephirine Drouhin. It’s a long cane, deep pink, thorn-less, David Austin rose with an old fashioned actual rose scent. Violet took a photo of mine for this week’s column. Being thorn-less is a huge selling point in my opinion.

We’ve been eating Sugar Snap peas all week. I thought they usually ripen around July, but happily I got them in earlier this year. Also, we picked a tiny amount of ridiculously small potatoes. They were between dime and quarter size. I rummaged around under the hay mulch for them without pulling up the actual plant. Once potatoes bloom, they are forming underground.

I cannot figure out why the white cabbage moths hover around nepeta? It seems like it’s too smelly and so unlike cabbages.

It’s nice to have a President on the world stage who is not an embarrassment. I’m writing this before the big meeting in Geneva with Vladimir Putin. I’m pretty sure it will be nothing like Helsinki.

I cannot help myself. It’s rich that Jeff Bezos, who pays no federal income tax, is taking a ride into space. Maybe they’ll pass by the Elon Musk Tesla playing David Bowie. I’m finding it hard to feel anything but disgust. What a world!