The beautiful warm spring days are few and far between. Monday and Tuesday were downright blustery working on the Edgartown harbor. My friend, Phyllis, and I were complaining about the really warm days the week before. Both of us agreed that extraordinarily warm days make us feel anxious and already behind in our spring tasks.

Honestly, it’s simply the human condition to find fault with something. A person needs to continually laugh at herself.

Lots of news in the garden world this week. There are a couple of yards opposite the Tisbury School on the Spring street side that caught my eye. They are loaded with purple nettle and dandelions and are very pretty. The bees are very fond of the two plants as well. I can never figure out why dandelions have such a bad rap. They are so cheerful and children love blowing the seed heads all about. I have some living in blue vinca and red tulips that make me happy.

The weeping cherry at the corner of County Road and the Edgartown/Vineyard Haven Road is about to pop. It is a treat coming up the little hill from Edgartown.

Freddie Fisher’s fields have greened up. I guess all those years of cows and horses give that grass a head start.

The wild ajuga has taken over some of the lawns but it is lovely blooming right now.

I finally transplanted my baby onions and leeks into open ground. I started them from seed in the unheated greenhouse back in January, separated them when they were no bigger than hairs, and have hardened them off outdoors for almost a month. I was justifiably proud of them and glad to set them on their own. I have a blooming quince. I wish Violet’s photo showed up better in black and white. The computer shot is great. It is in need of some pruning this year after the flowers fade. I wonder if I’ll get to it?

I have two, isn’t nature grand stories, this week.

Two years ago I grew some peanuts. The pathetic crop filled a small saucer. It sat on my kitchen counter ignored. For the fun of it I planted them a few weeks ago and several germinated. Will wonders never cease.

Then my friend, Sharlee, was cleaning some beds in her vegetable garden and discovered a few rows of very late-fall planted baby beets. She completely forgot about them over the winter but happily moved them and hopes for an early harvest.

The potential for life is there if we recognize it.

The hens are doing their finest work right now. I’m making spinach quiches like a crazy person. My mother would be so disappointed, however, as I purchased frozen crusts rather than make my own. Finally, I can say easy as pie and mean it. I’m trying to pick all the spinach as soon as possible because every year it gets away from me and goes to seed as soon as we have a series of warm days.

I already saw a couple of white cabbage moths circling around my brassica seedlings. I chased one down with the hose but can see I need to haul out the row covers.

There is the usual upsetting news in the world. Racial unrest, police brutality, attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities, wrongful imprisonment, continual deaths from Covid and refugee crises. I’m thankful that I don’t have to constantly think about what’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. Hopefully, Sleepy Joe will right the ship of state and we can all get some rest.