Tisbury is getting a six-figure boost from short-term rentals and a retail marijuana agreement, with more new income streams in the works, town officials said this week.

Short-term rental revenue brought in some $200,000 more over the last 12 months than in the previous year, select board member Jeff Kristal said.

“The hope is we will continue to grow the revenue, and it will offset the budget for next year,” Mr. Kristal said, during a joint online meeting of the select board and financial and advisory committee.

Tisbury is also receiving income as part of its host agreement with marijuana retailer Patient Centric, even though the business has yet to open at its approved Mechanic’s street location.

“We’ll get another payment tomorrow,” town administrator John (Jay) Grande said.

Other revenue streams the town is working on, Mr. Grande said, include a plan to charge for parking on the site of the former downtown fire station.

The select board and fincom went on to review more than 30 proposed warrant articles for the upcoming annual and special town meetings, June 12 and June 13. The town should have sufficient money to cover all of the proposed budget and spending articles, with the exception of the two bond articles, with about $500,000 to spare, finance director Jon Snyder said.

The bond articles seek to borrow up to $5 million for road work and up to $55 million for the Tisbury School project. The school bonding article appears on the special town meeting warrant for June 13, while all of the others will be taken up at the annual town meeting June 12.

The financial and advisory committee has not yet voted on whether or not to recommend the school borrowing article, committee chair Nancy Gilfoy said.

Select board chair James (Jimmy) Rogers, who represents the town on the school building committee, said building committee chair Harold Chapdelaine has been meeting with community members on a request to discuss and explain the plans for the school renovation and addition. A presentation on MVTV is also in the works, Mr. Rogers said.

“It would be really great to have this out in the world a little bigger,” Ms. Gilfoy said.

Mr. Grande said he had been a part of recent conversations with seasonal Tisbury taxpayers who suggested adding weekend and summer activities, including higher education classes, at the renovated school.

“Once you have a facility of this kind, it really opens up a lot of community options,” Mr. Grande said.

Details on the school building project, including drawings of the schematic design, are posted at tisbury-school-project.com.