After making several last-minute additions, the Chilmark select board approved a hefty 37-article town meeting warrant this week, including an article to fund a major construction project for a new firehouse and public safety building.

The annual town meeting is scheduled for May 24. The annual town election and a special election for a new moderator will be held on May 26. Longtime moderator Everett Poole stepped down this year after more than 40 years of wielding the gavel.

After numerous articles were cut from last year’s warrant due to complications created by the pandemic, Chilmark voters will be asked to weigh in on a range of articles, both big and small.

The largest — article 11 — is a request to fund construction of a new town fire station and EMS building. The article will require majority approval at town meeting as well as the town election.

Also on this year’s warrant is a series of articles related to projects at the Chilmark and West Tisbury schools, including funding for a new walk-in freezer at the West Tisbury School and phase three of a window repair project at the Chilmark School, as well as general budget-related articles.

Nine of the school-related articles will require majority approval at the ballot box this spring as well.

Other articles include minor town costs and monies for the income reserves stabilization fund, selectmen said.

“It seems to me that in thinking about town meeting, we have the first part which is normal and probably going to breeze right through,” said selectman Warren Doty. “Then we have a whole number of things about the schools, then we come to the big ticket item, which is the firehouse.”

Before inking the 2021 meeting warrant on Tuesday, selectmen also reviewed several recent changes to the document, including adding two new articles and restructuring a handful of preexisting ones.

Among the recent additions is an article for a home rule petition to officially change the name of the governing board to the select board, Mr. Carroll said. The article includes specific language requested by the state regarding the general court’s authority to make amendments to the petition.

Other changes include the addition of an article for payment of a $7,420 bill from the prior fiscal year to the company that processes beach stickers, as well as the reintroduction of the 100 per cent renewable MV article — postponed from the 2020 meeting warrant.

A final change to the document, which would restructure the warrant’s harbor-related articles to create a new funding source for this fiscal year’s reserve fund, also received support from selectmen.

After reviewing the document and all recent changes, selectmen voted unanimously to approve the 37-article warrant as presented.

Turning to logistical preparations, selectmen agreed to rent an outdoor tent and portable heaters for the meeting. At the behest of Mr. Carroll, selectmen also agreed to hold two information sessions for voters devoted to clarifying questions about the warrant ahead of the meeting.

A general information session on the warrant is tentatively set for May 11, while a stand-alone presentation devoted to the firehouse project will be held separately that week, selectmen said. A prop two and a half override hearing is also scheduled for May 18.

In other business Wednesday, selectmen voted to approve a request from Chilmark Community Center director Alexandra London-Thompson to put up tents for the center’s summer camp. The tents will be placed around the property, with the largest positioned between the community center and the library parking lot.

With Covid cases rising, selectmen deferred further decisions around possible evening uses for the tents to later in the spring.