At last, temperatures are in the mid 50s, more songbirds arrive each day, witch hazel has blossomed — spring has sprung.

Do you have an extra four hours to spare each week? Chicken Alley Thrift Shop could use a few more volunteers to join the staff with their daily workload. Please stop by Chicken Alley and ask for Jessica Tartell to sign you up for a volunteer position.

Congratulations to Eloise Boales-Moreis upon her retirement from the Town of Tisbury on March 26 where she has been a traffic officer with the Tisbury Police Department for many years and under many police chiefs.

Congratulations to Kayla Manning Darcy for achieving the Local Business Person of the Year while working at Sterling Insurance Group of Martha’s Vineyard.

Summer neighbors Max and Cheryl Batzer have been involved as instructors with Special Olympics Vail Ski/Snowboard Team (SOCO) once again this winter. Max and Cheryl are making a difference for these young athletes. If you would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to SOCO and note Western Region” on memo line. Mail checks to: Julie Fite Western Region Manager, SOCO, P.O. Box 2205, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602 Thank you.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Albert Metros who turned three years old on March 21. Jackie Flynn Morgan and Tauras Biskis shared the day on March 27. Diane Reed, Ed Fantasia, Jannette and Donna Montesion share the day on March 29. Jodi Sherman, Aquinnah police chief Randhi Belain and Heidi Vanderhoop share the day with Dr. Gerry Yukevich on March 30— Dr. Yukevich and Chief Belain each celebrate a milestone. March 31 is a day of celebration for Steve Durkee as the Vineyard Gazette staff observe Durkee Day. Diana Braillard, Mike Dolby and Amy Macey share the day on March 31.

April 1st is a day of celebration for Dr. George Santos, Alison Barrett, Robin Meader and Karina Leon. Seth Ford will party on April 2. Audrey Jeffers will celebrate a milestone on April 2.