Just so we are perfectly clear, this weekend is the time to spring forward. Don’t be late for church.

Many of our friends and neighbors are receiving accolades. Congratulations to Robert Douglas, Captain of the Shenandoah, who has been honored by Tall Ships of America, with an award for “a lifetime of achievement under sail.”

Everyone here knows of the famous Shenandoah. So many of our Island children have learned to sail from its wonderful crew. Mazel tov!

Our Island poet laureate, Jill Jupin, has been appointed to a third year of her position. How lucky for us to have Jill at the helm.

Photographer and author Michael Blanchard is on his annual quest in search of America. Michael made it, driving no less, to Flagstaff, Ariz. in four days. He pressed on to make sunset in Sedona. He took a two-hour reflective break in Sedona. Then he was resting in Flagstaff for two days. He has chronicled his trip with amazing photographs. This is wonderful for those of us in lockdown. Safe travels Michael. On the road again.

Lorraine Wells, of Tisbury Waterways, reminded me that the marine/ environmental studies scholarship of $2,000, needs to be applied for by April 30. The scholarship is a available to year-round Islanders only.

Through the miracle of the internet I was able to reconnect with Elaine Lombard-Henry. Elaine and her husband, Terry Henry, are living in California. They did lose their house in one of those wretched fires. All got out safely. As you recall, Terry was our minister here at Grace Church for many years. Our best to them both and all their children.

Our town library has new books, poetry programs and is featuring Women’s Month. Try to keep up with these energetic librarians.

We are all going to miss Vera Shorter and her many contributions to our community. May she rest in peace.

Another dear friend, Osmana Bianchi, passed on Jan. 3. Her delightful husband, Herbert, pre-deceased her. My Nonna loved nothing better than coming to the Island and inviting them over to speak Italian with her. I miss them both.

Everyone knows of Dana and Jill Jupin’s fierce devotion to dogs. Their loyal companion, James, passed last week. Our condolences.

Former Island resident, Tricia Valastek, relocated to Texas several years ago. She is a stylist. She lives with her husband and two sons. Tricia had emergency surgery last week. It was a big surprise but all problems were caught in time. In fact, Tricia has returned to work. Get well wishes to her.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Debbi Kanoff and Gretchen Baer on March 6; Jesse Seward and Louis Giordano claimed March 7; and who will ever forget Johnny Seaview, aka Oliver Perry, and his March 14 birthday. Share a story and raise a glass to Johnny! Many happy returns.