Spring is in the air and a mere two weeks away. As if on cue, there were songbirds in full chorus on Monday morning. It has been nice for the young children to enjoy skating this winter, sledding and making snowmen but welcoming in spring will be much more enjoyable.

Nomination papers are being returned daily for the three-year terms of several town positions.

The Squibnocket dredging project has been completed and will allow for a better flow of water between Menemsha Pond and Squibnocket.

Hearts of Gold/Bids for Kids is the annual Chilmark PTO Outing Program fundraiser for this year, providing funds for the Shenandoah trip, kayaking, dancing at the Yard, and many other adventures. This year it is a virtual auction March 15 to March 21. Perhaps you would like to bid on the Hawaiian vacation. For further information, please email lisabrown8@gmail.com.

It is a very rare occasion that you might hear sirens in Aquinnah. As a matter of fact, one would be more inclined to hear those from neighboring Chilmark than in Aquinnah. But on two occasions over the past two weeks there has been a parade with sirens of the Aquinnah police cruisers, the Aquinnah fire trucks, the Wampanoag tribal vehicles, and as many private vehicles as possible.

First, on Feb. 21, Anne Vanderhoop Madison celebrated her 90th birthday with a community parade while she watched from her front porch. On Feb. 27 Barbara Perry Francis celebrated her 95th birthday from the comfort of her front door stoop. Both ladies are long time residents of Aquinnah, having been here for more than seven decades. They are the last two remaining contemporaries of our parents. They all had married in the late 1940s, attended each other at weddings, fished together, scalloped together as families, shucked scallops together, raised their young families together in the Gay Head community, partied together, and enjoyed their intertwining lives. In those days, mostly house parties were the norm but there were the Cranberry day celebrations, square dances at the town hall, many pot lucks and penny sales. Life was very different in then but they persevered and remained a part of the community forever.

Anne Vanderhoop is the youngest of three year-round nonagenarians in town, Blanche Jackson having observed her 95th birthday in Jan. 2021. Barbara Francis is the eldest Aquinnah tribal member in Aquinnah and across the Vineyard. May we share many more years with all of these lovely ladies.

It is always nice when our young ones return home for a visit from far off places. Tiffany Smalley and her sister Faith have been visiting their parents Jay and Millicent Smalley and their brother Zachary. Tiffany has returned to her home in California while Faith will remain on the east coast.

Amera Madison has made a brief visit with family and friends in Aquinnah, returning to her home in Boston.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Eric DeBettencourt who passed away in California at the home of his beloved fiance Holly Jenkinson Bario and her family. I have known Eric since he was a teenager in the company of my niece and nephews. He was always a joy to be around and an absolute treasure.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Vernon Jordan, Jr. who passed away at his Washington, D.C. home on Monday. Vernon and his daughter Vickee would make their annual bicycle trek to Gay Head/Aquinnah in the 60s and stop in at Manning’s for ice cream. Vernon enjoyed attending the family clambakes in town as well. He never hesitated to donate to Martha’s Vineyard Community Services whenever I would call his office as it was very important to him and he would respond at once. He and Ann would often stop by Joe Spinelli’s jewelry booth every summer to find just the right piece of exquisite jewelry and it was a pleasure to assist them. May his life work continue on in the many he has mentored over the years. I will miss him when August rolls around.

Happy 68th anniversary wishes to Ted and Shirley Dewing on March 9.

Due to a recent detour in life, I have missed my past two columns. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to my eldest great grandchild James Millman. Cynthia Dolph-McKenna also celebrated while I was away, as did Ryleigh Jade Manning, Jeanne Taylor, Darren Leport, Josh Boytek, Hollis Engley and Remy Tumin.

Happy Birthday wishes this week Dilly DeBlase, Robert Rosenberg, Lizzy Wallo and Sharon Spiller who all share the day on March 4. Wendy Andrews will party on March 5. David and Douglas Seward will party on March 6. Aron Jackson will party on March 7.