As usual there were lots of celebrity cameos in the Super Bowl commercials this year — Martha Stewart, John Travolta, Kyle Busch, Carl Weathers.

There was also a familiar Vineyard face, Emma Lovewell, during a commercial for Scotts Miracle-Gro.

Ms. Lovewell has become a household name due to her work as an instructor for Peloton, the home exercise bike that has seen a meteoric rise during the pandemic. About two weeks before the Super Bowl, she received a call from a talent agency with an offer to be in the Scotts Miracle-Gro commercial. They also supplied her with a list of the other celebrities in the shoot.

“When I saw Martha Stewart and John Travolta I said, oh my God are you kidding me? I grew up watching the movie Grease, I know all the dance moves. I love Martha Stewart too, I’m very into the home and garden thing,” Ms. Lovewell said in a phone interview.

Ms. Lovewell has become a household name working for Peloton.

The daughter of Gazette photographer Mark Lovewell and Teresa Yuan, Emma graduated from the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School in 2004, where she played soccer and lacrosse, danced with Jil Loughman and sang with the Minnesingers. She worked summers as a lifeguard at South Beach.

In college at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, she joined a breakdancing group called The Origins of Funk while earning her bachelor’s degree with concentrations in Chinese and mass communication.

After college she headed to New York city to become a professional dancer. She did backup dancing for Björk, performed in commercials and spots for MTV. She also worked for SoulCycle and on a whim did a Kickstarter video for a new company called Peloton.

“They were so nice and I loved the product, the bike was amazing,” she said.

But that was it for the moment. Peloton was still finding its footing and Ms. Lovewell was finding hers too. She had been working at SoulCycle for three years while also doing some modeling when she and her boyfriend Dave Clark, an operations manager at SoulCycle, decided to change locations and head to California to experience the fitness scene there. This was in 2016, but then her mother was diagnosed with cancer and Ms. Lovewell returned to the Island to help care for her. She took over her mother’s longtime gardening business and kept it going for the summer, while Ms. Yuan was receiving treatments in Boston.

“Getting to spend the whole summer on the Vineyard was great, although worrying about my mom was awful,” Ms. Lovewell recalled. “I was happy I could help.”

The cancer treatments were successful and Ms. Lovewell’s mother has been cancer-free since.

“She’s been really healthy and I’m so glad this has all turned out the way it has,” said Ms. Lovewell.

After the all clear for her mother, Emma and Dave packed up their Subaru Outback and headed west. Ms. Lovewell said the fitness scene on the West Coast was much different than what she was used to back East.

“In New York city people pay a ton of money to work out in a dark room. In California people just go outside to work out so it was very different,” she said.

While living in Los Angeles, she contacted to Peloton CEO John Foley to see if there were any job opportunities in the growing company.

“I remember sending that email and he wrote back in 20 minutes,” she said.

Ms. Lovewell said working at Peloton has been “like being strapped to a rocketship. We grew so fast. I think because of Covid it kind of accelerated our growth and exposure but to be honest we’ve been growing immensely ever since the company started.”

And as Peloton continues to grow, Ms. Lovewell has been able to expand her career, Super Bowl style.

“It was great working with Scotts,” she said. “I was in this beautiful yard in Los Angeles with the best grass I’ve ever seen. And then two weeks later to see it come up in the middle of the Super Bowl was so cool.”