With the arrival of slightly warmer daytime temperatures and a bit of rain, the snow that covered the ground for the last week has disappeared. It was pretty while it lasted. We received a new light dusting for several days in a row, and it added up enough to allow for some cross-country skiing and sledding adventures.

My daughter and I found ourselves on several occasions seeking out the steeper hills of Chappaquiddick (of which there are not too many). Juna was always a bit unsure of the zippy trips in the sled, feeling undecided on whether these rides fell on the scary or the exciting side of emotions. She is almost always up for a tow ride on the sled, however, so we spent a fair amount of this past week with me trudging through snow on the trails, pulling her.

Despite the wintry weather, I can feel spring on the horizon. We have ordered a few new perennials for the home garden, and my husband just bounced in from his office to announce that he ordered two new ducklings for our small, backyard flock.

The pace is picking up ever so slightly at Slip Away Farm. I am relieved to have our seed order taken care of. Seed companies are seeing unprecedented orders this year as everyone and their uncle plans to start gardens. I am eager to see the greenhouse full of seedlings once more. Our CSA shares, both for vegetables and flowers, are now available for signups on our website slipawayfarm.com. Many thanks to all who have already joined.

The Chappy Community Center has a new coordinator. Tina Humber-Floyd joined last month, replacing Sidney Morris, the coordinator for the past several years. Tina, her husband, Colin, and their three kids have lived on Chappy for the past 16 years. She is excited for her new role with the community center.

The community center has developed a survey to assess the needs and desires of the community. They are asking all to participate as it will help Tina and Pam Stenson, the program manager, to develop the schedule for the summer season. You can find the survey on the CCC facebook page.