Podokesaurus holyokensis. That’s a mouthful. This our first ever newly minted state dinosaur. Memorize it for pop quizzes and citizenship tests. I think I recognize Holyoke in that name.

Love in the time of Covid. Welcome to the Island James and Deb Boyle, now moving here year-round. So much excitement at once. Their daughter, Caitlin Boyle, was married to Jake Liu on Jan. 24. Jim and Deb could not attend. Caitlin has been teaching English as a second language in kindergarten for three years in China. What an adventurous young lady. May they live happily ever after.

Truck day came and went last week without the usual crowds and fanfare sending our Red Sox off to training camp in Florida. I am counting on our team for the next World Series title. Go team.

Our Island writer, photographer and musician Mark Alan Lovewell was just thrilled and so am I. His beautiful, athletic daughter, Emma Lovewell, was in the lawn care advertisement during the Super Bowl. It is wonderful to watch Island children making their way in the world.

I had a long, lovely phone chat with Marganna Roberts in California. Marganna grew up on-Island. Her brothers are Dan and Chris Larkosh. Chris died last month, a great loss for us all. Marganna and I are planning her return visit here once Covid is under control.

Our condolences go out to Geoff Parkhurst and his family on the passing of their beloved companion, Sir Elvis Presley. Sir Elvis gave the family 14 and one half years of absolute delight. Treasure the memories.

Get well wishes go out to Jenny Kuehne, June Manning and Tamma Cimeno. Three of the most beautiful ladies on-Island.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along James O’Donnell; my cousin Linda O’Leary celebrates on Feb. 14; Mary Lee Gerber Waldron claims Feb. 16; and on Feb. 24 David Gardella takes the cake. Many happy returns.