A clothed, poseable action figure of Quint from Jaws, featuring the licensed likeness of Robert Shaw in his indelible role as the determined shark-hunter, has been announced by the collectible toy company NECA.

Clad in Quint's green army jacket, denim and boat shoes, the eight-inch-tall figure also comes with a removable cap and bandana as well as an arsenal of weapons: a bat, a shotgun, a spear gun and a machete. Two tiny cans of Narragansett beer — one crushed — are also included, according to the company announcement.

Photographs posted on the toymaker's website, and several more found on the pop culture site and app Bloody Disgusting, show a striking resemblance to Mr. Shaw in his most famous film role. 

Multiple toy, film and entertainment websites reported last year that at the New York Toy Fair in February, NECA previewed a second Jaws product: a licensed Chief Brody action figure with the likeness of actor Roy Scheider. While that plan appears to have been dropped for now, the company website promises an "in-scale companion piece" of the shark later this year. 

These are the first licensed action figures from the 1975 film, according to NECA, which manufactures a wide range of action figures from horror, comedy, science fiction and animated films including Halloween, Friday the 13th, Predator, Godzilla and many others.

The company's website gives a March release date for the Quint figure. While no recommended retail price is listed, some internet sellers are offering it at prices ranging from about $33 to nearly $60.