I don’t not know why I continue to trust the Weather Channel. They are right maybe half the time. Wish I had that job.

At any rate, I’m a prepper of sorts, especially about impending weather events. If a wind storm threatens, I fill up every bottle and jug I can find since a power outage will leave me with no water. All of us with our own wells face this problem. You lucky folks on the town systems have this one less concern.

On Monday and Tuesday with the possibility of a major snowfall, I spent time in the yard and garden. Honestly, I could refer to the place as “Buckettown.” So much picking up was required. I often joke with friends that my lifestyle bespeaks my Appalachian upbringing. Fortunately, I did already drain and coil the hoses.

In Rew, Pa. the first snow was around Thanksgiving and then we did not see the ground again until mid-April. Dad had his own plow and cleared out many of the neighbors and the church. Sometimes the piles along the road were well over his head.

As you can see, there is not much news in the garden world this week. There is a lovely stand of winterberries in front of Conroy’s in North Tisbury. My own have maybe 10 berries altogether. It’s very disappointing. I think the birds (cedar waxwings) are enjoying them.

I’m very grateful to have spent so much time this past summer and fall “putting up” the fruits of my vegetable garden. Forgive me if I sound immodest or smug but I literally have everything I need. I don’t talk about it often but I do have some raised pork and chicken. I complain about it endlessly when caring for the animals and the dispatching thereof. However, when sitting down for a supper pulled from the pantry and freezer it doesn’t seem that bad. Most likely, I’ll get baby chicks and pigs again this spring.

Violet and I put up a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We get one every year. This one has no back side whatsoever. It was growing right next to a building and needed to be removed. Placed next to a wall it suits us just fine. I always get a less than perfect specimen somewhere on the property. I figure it deserves a chance for greatness. Plus, I cannot justify the expense of one.

Violet took a photo of a coral bells (aka heuchera). It still looks great when everything else in the perennial garden is non-existent at this point. It will continue all through the winter and they do not seem to be bothered by deer. How I wish I could remember the cultivar. My memory bank seems to have had too many withdrawals.

I began my journey as a political junkie after the JFK assassination. I like to think of myself as somewhat well-informed and a bit of a history buff. I need to thank Donald Trump, though. Because of all his fraudulent claims about the election I’ve learned so much more about our election system. I have known about the electoral college, of course, but who knew about all the necessary state certifications and the final say with the House of Representatives?

It is upsetting to really get a picture of the fragility of our democracy. The electoral college needs to go. I’d like to think my vote counts regardless of my residence in a blue or red state. It is interesting that Vladimir Putin congratulated Joe Biden before Mitch McConnell. Just saying!