There is nothing quite like the season’s first snow. Tuesday morning it woke me up because it was so quiet. I really wasn’t ready for it to stick around yet but it was breath-taking, covering everything.

I was particularly fond of my magnolia. Only the buds were covered in snow, not the branches. It looked exactly like white Christmas lights as the day began to dawn.

It’s been a week of interesting weather. Last week’s Northeaster was pretty impressive. My friend, Sharlee, snapped a couple of shots of the perfectly blue sky in the center of dark clouds.

In the garden. — Violet Southwick

As an outdoor worker, I always welcome an unexpected day to spend in my house catching up on some puttering.

We are about to get the job sites put “to bed” for the winter. The cutting of hydrangeas is the last task. Honestly, I think they, like ornamental grasses, are a bit overrated. People have way too many. They look ghastly all winter and spring. They are beloved by deer. They flop all over the lawns and create fan-shaped markings on the house. A person needs to know if the Endless Summer cultivar or Nikko Blue is on the property. The former blooms on new growth so can take some aggressive pruning. Nikko Blue, or the old-fashioned Lace Caps, bloom on the previous year’s growth so a hard winter and/or deer damage can cause few or no flowers.

Wow, I did not mean to talk such smack about a lovely specimen of nature.

I’m still enjoying the bounty produced by my vegetable garden. Carrots, leeks and greens remain out in the field. I still have several Queensland Blue squashes. One feeds us for four or more days. Good thing we love it and are never tired of leftovers.

One thing I can say about the Covid face covering — now that the days are chilly my nose never gets cold.

It’s comforting to see folks driving around with Christmas trees strapped to their cars. Even though this has been quite a year and people will not be partying like the good old days, there is still joy and a reason to be grateful.

Every year I get a card and Christmas letter from Ann and Bob Ganz in Chilmark. This year the card was a photo of Joe Biden on a cell phone. Inside the card it read: “Joe Biden is talking to me from Arlington National Cemetery on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2012. The photo was taken by our son Rob III. He had been trying to take a photo of Obama but a big secret service man had spread himself out in front of him like a basketball player protecting the basket. Biden said, ‘I guess you’ll have to settle for me.’ Biden and Obama were reelected the previous Tuesday, November 6. Rob has just told Biden that I am a WWII vet. Joe and I had a good conversation.”

Thank you so much for sharing, Bob, and reminding us, once again, what a kind and decent man is about to become our 46th President.