How amazing has the weather been since last weekend’s highs of almost 70 degrees? The Farmer’s Almanac warns that the northeast is looking at a snowy winter so its nice to have some beautiful November days. I do not put much stock in the Farmer’s Almanac or any long-range weather forecasts for that matter. Lucky for me I don’t mind snow and cold.

My great aunt Margaret sold her home in the hills of Pennsylvania and moved to Florida in her 90s. She often cried and regretted the decision. She said it was simply boring to have nice weather all the time. She said that she never fully appreciated spring again since she didn’t go through a winter.

We have yet to experience a really hard freeze. Osteospermum is still lovely in some window boxes.

I’ve been busy trying to get some ornamental pots ready for holiday cheer. Violet took a couple of photos this week. I used some greens, flowering kale, pineapple, sage and my favorites — astilbe, sedum heads, and PG hydrangeas spray painted. This year I went all out with gold, silver and copper spray. Outside they hold up for a little while but indoors the sprayed heads will last years in a dried arrangement.

I’m crazy about the Lutz beet, aka Winter Keepers. I still have a couple of rows in the garden. I picked five recently. We ate them for several meals since they were softball size. I will pull them and trim the tops soon. Stored in the fridge in a cloth bag, they should last past Christmas.

I grew some sweet potatoes both inside the hoophouse and out in the garden bed. I failed to keep up with my watering duties in the hoophouse so naturally those plants failed to thrive. I harvested some as small as carrots. Apparently, I neglected to get them all because now I have some yet-to-be-identified critter wreaking havoc trying to find them. Every day I find lettuce and spinach baby plants strewn all over. It is so exhausting sometimes trying to keep one step ahead of the natural world.

Speaking of exhausting, last Saturday’s election news gave me some hope. I think Trump was right to call Joe Biden sleepy. I, for one, am looking forward to getting some rest. For the first time in four years I’d like to not have the President living rent free in my brain.

How quickly that feeling of peace and calm passed. By Monday, we are right back into more insanity caused by DJT.

My son, Reuben, and I wondered at what age did he realize it wasn’t cool to throw a fit about losing a board game or sports event. We think somewhere between four and five years old and definitely by eight.

The Republicans complained when Hillary waited until the next day to concede. Now they are, once again, aboard Trump’s crazy train. Why are they so afraid of him. So much for the Home of the Brave!