The Tisbury police department is the proud owner of the Island’s first hybrid police cruisers.

Using grant money from the Massachusetts Green Communities Act, the Tisbury police department acquired two brand-new 2020 Ford hybrid police interceptors outfitted with state of the art technology for greener policing.

Tisbury police chief Mark Saloio said his department is excited about the new hybrid SUVs.

“Much like all-wheel drive did for police vehicles several years ago, this will be a game-changer,” Chief Saloio said. “Police vehicles spend a considerable number of hours idling, and with this hybrid technology we expect to use considerably less fuel, which will translate into less wear and tear on an otherwise running engine and its components and contribute to a healthier environment for all of us.”

The hybrid cruisers will save an estimate of 1,200 gallons of fuel per year compared to gas models.

In addition to the hybrid technology, the cruisers are equipped with three siren patterns —a wail, yelp and pierce — and new light patterns that are safer than the previously used strobing white and blue lights.

Officer Andrew Silvia said that with the new cruisers, the department is ahead of the curve.

“I think when it comes to cost savings and environmental benefit, if we can have something that really hits both points, that’s really a home run,” Officer Silvia said.