TestMV reported two new cases of Covid-19 on Martha’s Vineyard Tuesday as case numbers across the state and country continued to climb.

The new cases reported on Tuesday are a male and a female - one in their twenties and one in their thirties. They are the first new cases reported on the Island since last week.

The Island reported seven new cases between Oct. 3 and Oct. 16 - the most in any two-week period since August - and one hospitalization. But case risk remains in the lowest possible threshold on the Vineyard, according to an expanded report from the boards of health that went out Friday, with far fewer than two cases reported on average per day.

On Monday, an individual who had previously tested positive for the virus received a second positive test, according to Tisbury health agent Maura Valley. That individual is considered a “repeat,” Ms. Valley wrote, and does not count toward total case numbers.

The Island has now had 87 unique individuals test positive for the virus through a laboratory test. Another 24 individuals have tested positive for viral antibodies or been symptomatically diagnosed with the virus, bringing the Island’s total coronavirus caseload to 111.

In a daily demographic update, the boards of health reported that TestMV, which is focused on testing asymptomatic patients, has now conducted more than 17,000 tests for the virus. Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, which is testing symptomatic patients and their close contacts, has conducted 5,690 tests.

TestMV has reported 37 positives out of their more than 17,000 tests, while the hospital has reported 50. Of those positive patients, 51 are female and 34 are male.

The age breakdown for positive patients is as follows: 13 under 20, 17 in their 20’s, 14 in their 30’s, six in their 40’s, 17 in their 50’s, 12 in their 60’s and six over the age of 60.

Statewide, case numbers continued to rise, with the Department of Public Health reporting 821 new cases on Tuesday. The state also reported five new deaths. More than 142,000 people have now tested positive for the virus, and 9,537 have died.

The state’s seven-day weighted positive test average is now at 1.3 per cent, up from its low of 0.8 per cent earlier this fall. There are also now just over 500 people hospitalized for the virus statewide, up from lows in the 300’s.

There have been no Covid-related deaths reported on Martha’s Vineyard.