Edgartown selectmen voted Monday to extend the town’s seasonal liquor licenses two weeks into December to encompass the Christmas in Edgartown weekend, despite concerns from year-round package stores.

The town has about 25 seasonal liquor licenses — almost all restaurants — and 17 year-round liquor license holders. Seasonal liquor licenses normally run through Nov. 30.

But this year, with the pandemic hurting summer business, a few seasonal operations are looking to expand their operations later in the year. Selectmen received a request earlier in September from Rosewater Wine and Spirits owner Julia Tarka to extend the town’s seasonal liquor licenses in response.

Rosewater is one of the town’s few seasonal package stores. Seasonal liquor licenses can legally be extended by the selectmen through Jan. 15. Although selectmen have extended them in the past, the move is rare.

A public hearing was held on the issue during the selectmen’s meeting Monday. Ms. Tarka said she heard from town officials that extending Rosewater’s seasonal liquor license would be an “an all or nothing deal” for every seasonal license holder, complicating the extension request and prompting the public hearing.

On Monday, numerous Edgartown restaurant and business owners spoke in favor of the proposal, saying that increasing year-round business options would be beneficial for the town.

Harbor View Hotel owner Bernard Chiu, which operates the year-round Bettini restaurant, said he was in “full support” of the extension.

“I just feel it’s very important that when people come to the Island, they have more choices,” Mr. Chiu said. “And having more restaurants open beyond the current deadline would attract more people to stay on the Island and spend more money to support the local community.”

Other restaurateurs, including Raw 19 owner Joe Monteiro and Kelley House manager Scott Little, also spoke in favor of the extension.

But two year-round package store owners opposed the extension, saying it would hurt their businesses, which have also lost out on the normal lucrative summer opportunities and rely on fewer competitors to make it through the off season.

“As a year-round retail store, Your Market, we’d be opposed to it,” said Jamieson Loveday. “We’ve missed out on all the weddings this year. All the parties. And going into the deep winter months, I just think it wouldn’t be beneficial to the year-round businesses retail.”

Gary Look of Al’s Package Store agreed with Mr. Loveday.

“The year-round stores have taken just as much of a hit and we want to keep our employees working too,” Mr. Look said. “I just think the year-round, retail, off-premises liquor sales should stay where they are.”

Selectmen decided to strike something of a compromise on the issue, voting unanimously to extend the licenses until Dec. 15, which would include the Christmas in Edgartown weekend.

“These are different times, for sure,” selectman Michael Donaroma said. “The liquor stores, I understand Mr. Look’s comment, but they didn’t have to close. I think their business has been somewhat steady on the year-round. They may be down on the summer, but that’s not really our point. I don’t think a few weeks is going to hurt anybody. It may actually help.”

Town administrative assistant Karen Fuller described Christmas in Edgartown as often the “tipping point” for seasonal businesses, which nudged selectmen toward agreeing on the two-week extension.

“That would incorporate a lot of the tourists,” selectman Arthur Smadbeck said. “I don’t think beyond the middle of December we are going to have a lot of tourists anyway.”

In other business, Martha’s Vineyard Commission exceutive director Adam Turner informed selectmen about the commission’s written decision to deny the Meetinghouse Way subdivision. The writen decision was filed last week, Mr. Turner said, opening a 20-day appeal period for the applicant.

Mr. Turner added that the commission had been involved in various climate change projects with the town, including a fire management plan with fire chief Alex Schaeffer.

Selectmen also approved a dredge contract with the town of Tisbury for Lake Tashmoo, and appointed Steve Ewing to the Islandwide land bank commission, filling the elected seat of Richard S. Knight Jr, who died in June. The appointment runs until the next annual town election.

“Steve has a lot of experience with the land bank,” Mr. Donaroma said. “I think he’d be excellent.”