Gibbous Moon and Saturn

Tonight’s gibbous moon appears right underneath the bright planet Saturn. The two are low in the southern sky, in the zodiacal constellation Sagittarius.

The brighter planet Jupiter is nearby. The three form an elongated triangle.

The first of two full moons in October takes place Thursday. There is general agreement that Thursday’s full moon is the Harvest Moon. And the second full moon, on Halloween will be a Blue Moon.

The brightest planet in the morning sky is getting really close to one of the brightest stars of the morning sky, Regulus.

Take a look any morning in the next week and you’ll see just how close. Regulus is the brightest star in the zodiacal constellation Leo. The two are closest, less than a degree apart on Friday, Oct. 2. 

Sunrise and Sunset
Day Sunrise Sunset
Fri., Sept. 25 6:31 6:34
Sat., Sept. 26 6:32 6:32
Sun., Sept. 27 6:33 6:30
Mon., Sept. 28 6:34 6:29
Tues., Sept. 29 6:35 6:27
Wed., Sept. 30 6:36 6:25
Thurs., Oct. 1 6:37 6:24
Fri., Oct. 2 6:39 6:22
Temperatures and Precipitations
Day Max (Fº) Min (Fº) Inches
Sept. 18 75 62 0.67
Sept. 19 63 55 0.00
Sept. 20 63 53 0.00
Sept. 21 62 53 0.00
Sept. 22 65 52 0.00
Sept. 23 63 54 0.00
Sept. 24 75 53 0.00


Water temperature in Edgartown harbor: 63º F


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