Concerned people gathered at Five Corners Sunday, August 30, to bring attention to Black Lives Matter. Arthur Doubleday, son of my dear friend, Marie Doubleday, well-known for her work in our NAACP of Martha’s Vineyard, and her progress for women ‘s issues in this state, organized the protest. The demonstration went off peacefully. In the last 15 minutes of the scheduled 10 a.m. to noon gathering, members of the group performed a civil action and blocked the roads of Five Corners. They then cleared the streets. No one was arrested. No one was injured. Many on Martha’s Vineyard are committed to a change for the better for all our people.

Unfortunately, until my next surgery, scheduled for Oct. 29, my walking is so bad I am now an armchair activist. But you know I shall always be clear about my thoughts and beliefs. A big thank you to Ria (Anna Maria Cimeno) for driving me to vote on Tuesday and helping me to get some much needed errands done. I had to get some birthday cards at Mardell’s. A beautiful masked young lady was taking my sale. I saw Robin Sylvia, also masked, standing near her. As I turned to leave, I asked Robin to say hello to her children for me.

“Well, one of them is right here!” Robin responded. Turned out the young lady was her daughter Crystal, who returned last year from having lived in Florida for several years. What a delight. Crystal was one of my son’s very good friends. They went through Tisbury school and many birthday parties together. Welcome home, Crystal.

The high holidays begin on Sept. 18. Visit our Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center online to get the schedule of events for the new year.

I missed a cocktail party, oh no! Laurie Marotta of Driftwood feted Bill and Jan Stokes who have been at their Vineyard Haven home for three weeks. I do hope I can visit before they return to Connecticut. Jan’s garden is looking great thanks to the careful attention of their son, Wes.

Sadly, so many are leaving us. Molly Conole’s dear husband, Bob Dutton, passed last week. Our love goes out to her family. Bob made a huge impact on this Island. He was especially noted for his work in theatre.

Our dear friend, Jim Hart, died in Florida last month. We shall miss him in our Lenny’s Loop book club and cocktail parties. Jim championed his buddy, Rupert the Rooster, in our divisive neighborhood dilemma about Rupert’s penchant to crow at 3 a.m.

My cousin, Bob Gardella, passed in Bethel, N.Y., last week. Bob was a graduate of White Plains High School. He served as a marine in Vietnam. He worked hard for Gardella Brothers Fruits and Vegetables. Later in life he cared for his parents, Larry and Ida , in their own home till they passed. Another cousin gone! Our circle gets smaller.

Get well wishes go out to my poet buddy, James Patrick Rafuse.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Musica Sky on August 26. September 1 was a party for Shane Vanderhoop True Justice Little Eagle, Tony Feirrara and Carlton Simonin. Anne Akerley claimed Sept. 2 and on Sept. 5 Leda Giatti takes the cake. Many happy returns.