A minor fire at Rocco’s Pizzeria in Tisbury Marketplace Tuesday did no damage to the building, Tisbury fire chef Greg Leland told the Gazette Wednesday morning.

Damage was minimal, fire chief Greg Leland said. — Mark Alan Lovewell

The blaze was limited to a heat-exchanging duct pipe that runs from above the pizza ovens to the outside, Chief Leland said. An extremely heavy summer of pizza-making led to a build-up inside the pipe, where it ignited Tuesday.

“It was really a very, very simple fire,” Chief Leland said. “There was no damage inside [the pizzeria], but we had to extinguish the fire inside the pipe and remove the pipe from inside the building.”

The business should be making pizzas again shortly, the chief said.

“Once they’re cleaned and have a new pipe installed, they’ll get recertified [by town health agent Maura Valley] and be reopened,” he said.

Antique legion pumper number one was on the scene too. — Mark Alan Lovewell

What set this fire apart from others, the chief added, is that as the Tisbury firefighters responded with their 21st-century engine and equipment, the Legion Pumper service club also arrived with its 1949 American LaFrance Series 700 Pumper fire truck.

The group, best known for its Christmas tree sales, had been delivering a donated gas grill to Coast Guard Station Menemsha and was on its way back down-Island when the call came in about the fire at Rocco’s.

“We had our current working apparatus and the old Legion Pumper at the fire at the same time,” Chief Leland said.

The 1949 fire truck served Tisbury until 1974. It was known as the Legion Pumper because its crew were all veterans.