A break in heat and humidity! Meteorologists aren’t promising it will last, but what a relief! I always say that right after the Agricultural Fair, we get a reprieve from heat. And so we have, even though the fair was virtual this year.

I had a break from the column because my technology broke down last week. Sorry to have missed you. It is strange to be without it in this day and age but I actually was able to read a whole James Patterson book in the three days my device was in the shop. I even got some better sleep in at the times during the night when I am sending out my jokes and ruminations. Big thank you to Gustavo and Anderson at NuSpot who fixed everything for me. Oh, to be young and adept at technology!

This month is so important to us suffragists. Our Martha’s Vineyard League of Women Voters has held a series of events throughout August in honor and memory of the 100th anniversary of the passage of women’s right to vote. Standouts were organized at Ocean Park, Cannonball Park and Five Corners. I am hoping that soon we can meet in person again at our annual luncheon and monthly meetings.

Chris Hulbert and I visited the Martha’s Vineyard Museum last week and had a great time. It was Chris’s first trip ever. I enjoyed telling him how it was the site of my son’s summer camp for years. I am thinking Barbara St Pierre and her mom are smiling at the new application of this historic building.

Many thanks and congratulations go out to Gayle Stiller from the Dukes County court who has retired after 42 years of service. Jean Wunsch also retired from her post there after 32 years of dedication. Enjoy your retirement, ladies!

I remember dancing with him at a summer event at the MVM last year. Island artist and distinguished raconteur, Jeff Shenefelt, has passed. Jeff was a fixture here for years, his smile, his dancing, his stories and his ubiquitous hand-carved and decorated walking stick. He passed peacefully in his sleep. The Island is lonelier without him.

I missed many birthdays without my device so here is the roundup: Byram Devine and Josephine Martello Sullivan shared August 13; Katharine Poole and Kaylee Darcy claimed August 14; Sarah Murphy was feted on August 17; the outstanding nurse, Melissa Dolby partied on August 18; Jeff Pratt and Bill Clinton celebrated on August 19; James Cimeno was honored on August 18; outstanding Patriots fan Terrance Hyman aged gracefully on August 22; and on August 28, Laura Weigle Honey takes the cake. Many happy returns.