The lawn outside the former Chilmark Chocolates was the liveliest spot in town on Saturday, as customers flocked to a pop-up yard sale benefiting the Vineyard Independence Partnership (VIP). So eager were some shoppers to participate that they began lining up as early as 9:10 a.m. for the 10 a.m. start time, sale greeter Elliott Bennett said.

“That put me on the spot,” said Ms. Bennett, grinning behind her mask. “I had to do some stand-up.”

By 10:30 a.m., Ms. Bennett had welcomed more than 75 people to the lawn sale, where former Chilmark Chocolates workers and other VIP members sold T-shirts, face masks, original artwork and crafts at socially-distanced tables.

Business was brisk at the T-shirt booth.

Elliot Bennett was a busy greeter all morning. — Ray Ewing

“We ran out of extra-large already,” said Chilmark Chocolates alum Erin Doyle, as shoppers stocked up on shirts reading Every Kindness Creates a Ripple, designed by Liza Coogan, and Teamwork, designed by Morgan Taylor Lucero. The Teamwork design was also available in a reversible face mask with a choice of ear-loop or head-back elastics.

In the absence of chocolate, customers could pick up bags of jellybeans from retired West Tisbury Library director Beth Kramer at a table that also sold VIP and Chilmark Chocolates coffee mugs, the latter emblazoned with the logo of the beloved shop.

“People really want the Chilmark Chocolates mugs,” said Ms. Kramer. Event cashier J.P. Hitesman said customers purchased as many as 10 of the mugs at a time.

MJ Bruder Munafo, artistic and executive director of the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse and leader of the VIP improv class Virginia’s Drama Club, presided over the jewelry table, selling intricately beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings by Shelly Desmarais, who also created small quilts for sale.

Alexander Campbell and McCaull Reid staffed the stationery table, selling notecards by Mr. Campbell and other artists, and painter Judith Drew Schubert tended an open-air gallery of drawings and paintings by VIP members.

Saturday's event drew over 150 people. — Ray Ewing

Longtime Chilmark Chocolates customers Bonnie Smolen and Ruby Smolen were laden with purchases—multiple T-shirts and a painting on canvas by Ms. Doyle—as they headed back to their car. Both said they came to honor and support the work of store owners Marty Beth Grady and Alison Burger to provide employment and support for Islanders with disabilities.

“When the store closed, it seemed to me at the very least (that) Chilmark people. . . should make sure every single person here has employment,” Bonnie Smolen said.

Saturday’s sale, which drew about 150 people over three hours, helped get the word out that the former chocolate-makers are still looking for jobs, said Mr. Hitesman, who shares a Vineyard Vision Fellowship with Ms. Kramer and Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School special education department chair Julie Schmidt to widen opportunities for Vineyard residents living with disabilities.

“A few patrons seemed interested in working with the group, perhaps on employment or future opportunities,” Mr. Hitesman said. “This population is willing to serve the Island community.”

More information about the Vineyard Independence Partnership is posted on the group’s website,