In summers past, this was the week of Illumination Night and the Oak Bluffs fireworks. The fair would already be behind us.

I mourned the loss of the Agricultural Fair this year. At the farm, we would have spent the week before scouring the field for our entries: uniform, unblemished beauties that would hopefully catch the eye of a discerning judge. Red and yellow heirloom tomatoes that require two hands to hold. Garlic bulbs with bulging cloves, dusted off, outer layers peeled down to white perfection. Resplendent fairytale eggplant, little green caps adorning purple and white bodies. Moon and stars melons, serpent cucumbers, shishito peppers, rattlesnake green beans.

In the past, we have entered as many as 15 different categories. We would have arranged each entry carefully on their paper plates before handing them over to the fair organizers to bring into the hall for judging. Any ribbons won would have been proudly displayed on our farmstand for the remainder of the summer.

The absence of these classic summer events leaves time feeling distorted. We have no markers to indicate the passing of the season. Not even the weather has aided in separating one day from the next; with a prolonged drought, one humid, sunny day gives way into another. That is until this past week. When I asked my two co-farmers if they had any Chappy news for the column, they both responded, simultaneously, “it rained.”

And a glorious rain it was! Sunday was the long, steady soak desperately needed after so many days in drought. Rapid, heavy rainfalls after dry spells can give way to erosion as the soil has trouble absorbing all that water at once. But slow drizzles for hours can be properly absorbed and used. The plants in our field look revived, happy for the long drink.

We had a beautiful thunderstorm in the early hours of Tuesday morning as well. The rolling clouds moved out by mid-morning, revealing a blue-bird sky, cooling wind and a release from the humidity that has plagued the Island the past few months. September is in the breeze.

The Edgartown Health Department has given the green light, subject to a few modifications, to the Second Annual Chappy Point to Point Road Race, which will be held on Sunday, August 30, with a rolling start from 7:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Instead of commencing at Wasque Point, the race will start at Chappy Point, go for 2.5 miles, and then loop back to Chappy Point. No water stations en route and no refreshments (other than water) at the race end. A few spots remain open so, if you’re interested in running, go to the website to sign up.

This Friday at 5 p.m., the Chappy Community Center will announce the winner of the 2021 Chappy Calendar cover. This year they had 36 photos entered in the contest, a 15-year tradition. You can preorder the calendar from the Community Center website.

On this coming Sunday, August 23, the Taco Truck will make a visit to the Chappy Community Center from 4 to 6 p.m. Cash or card will be accepted at the truck, please bring your own picnic blanket or chairs.