Former Secretary of State John Kerry took home the Verona trophy for the best overall corrected time in the spinnaker division of the Edgartown Yacht Club’s Round the Island race this weekend. Mr. Kerry won the trophy with a finishing time of 8:52:07, besting second place by six minutes and six seconds.

Mr. Kerry captained Lark, a 45-foot Alden gaff cutter that had been built in 1932 for Ralph Forbes of Naushon Island. In 1972, a tropical storm caused her to break loose and wreck along a rocky shoreline in Woods Hole. In the 1970s the boat underwent a restoration by Eric Little of Woods Hole, and then this spring was restored again by the Gannon and Benjamin boatyard in Vineyard Haven. It was re-launched on July 24.

Forty six boats crossed the starting line on Saturday morning, just outside Edgartown Harbor. The winds were light to start the day, making the most challenging part of the 54.7 nautical mile course, Mutton Shoal off of Wasque, even more challenging.

Mr. Kerry said his crew of friends and family planned to play the current as they approached the shoal. However, they “caught a little bit of air and played it further to the East and we stayed out of trouble,” he said.

Lark bested second place boat by over six minutes. — Mark Alan Lovewell

On Lark with Mr. Kerry was Myles Thurlow, who built the mast and the spars for the boat, Ted Okie, Ginnie Hess, Michael Clayton and Mr. Kerry’s brother-in-law David Thorne.

The winds began to pick up as the race progressed, making for great sailing conditions to finish out the race. Mr. Kerry said as Lark was coming around West Chop in the evening they had no clue where they stood in the standings.

“I kept looking back and saying, ‘Who’s that guy? Why are they catching up to us?’” he said with a laugh.

After the official results were announced at the awards ceremony via Zoom Sunday, Mr. Kerry thanked everyone at the yacht club.

“We really appreciate it,” he said. “It was hard to pull that off so I give kudos to the Edgartown Yacht Club for their great production.”

Forty six boats participated in the annual 54.7 nautical mile race. — Mark Alan Lovewell

The Round the Island race dates back to 1938. The race begins just outside the Edgartown harbor, then rounds Cape Pogue and Wasque before heading along the South Shore of the Island, up past the Gay Head Cliffs and into the Vineyard Sound for the final stretch back to Edgartown.

In addition to the Verona trophy, several other special perpetual awards were presented.

Jim Swartz on Moneypenny out of Edgartown with a time of 10:19:01 won the ocean race trophy, awarded to the boat with the best finish in each division by an Edgartown Yacht Club member.

Joshua Dennerlin on Phantom out of Westfield, N.J. with a time of 7:43:25 won the upbeat cup, awarded to the boat with the best overall finish in non-spinnaker classes.

Stephen Besse on Après out of Vineyard Haven with a time of 9:08:23 won the Eolis trophy, awarded to the double-handed overall winner.

Race began at 8 a.m. and finished in the early evening. — Mark Alan Lovewell

Kenneth Luczynski on Vamp out of Kings Point, NY with a time of 9:32:40 won the Cook award, given to the boat with the best finish among service academy participants.

And the team trophy, awarded to the three-boat team made up of entries from a given club representing all classes with the best combined corrected time, went to the Hyannis Yacht Club with Robert Labdon on Camelot out of Brewster, Bill Marsh on Ruse out of Chatham and Scott Bearse on Slide Rule out of Hyannis finishing in 7:44:07, 9:31:56 and 9:38:59 respectively.

The winning vessels in each class are as follows:

Class one PHRF spinnaker A, Christopher Dragon XI, captained by Andrew and Linda Weiss out of Mamaroneck, NY, finishing in 9:25:33.

Class two PHRF spinnaker B, Hafa Adai, captained by Eliot Sanabrook out of Marblehead, finishing in 8:58:01.

Class three PHRF spinnaker C, Wildflower, captained by Johnathan Pope out of Mattapoisett, finishing in 9:27:57.

Class four PHRF spinnaker D, Lark, captained by John Kerry out of Chilmark, finishing in 8:52:07.

Class five doublehanded A, Après, captained by Stephen Besse out of Vineyard Haven, finishing in 9:08:23.

In the shortened, 45.52 nautical mile Round the Island course, the winners in class six doublehanded B and seven PHRF non-spinnaker were Phantom, captioned by Joshua Dennerlein from Westfield, N.J., finishing in 7:43:25; and Camelot, captained by Robert Labdon from Brewster, finishing in 7:44:07.