The Arctic Circle hit 100 degrees last week. But I’m sure climate change is a hoax!

In the middle of our burgeoning temperatures on Island, Jonathan Gardella entertained us with his stories and observations and by playing his violin for us. Sadly, he and the other Nancy Gardella packed up and left for White Plains on Saturday. They have some appointments there, then on to their home in Fort Myers, Fla. Never enough time.

Nancy Mac, as in Nancy Mcpartlin Gardella, and I had a small project. We were able to get help from John Snider at our Tisbury town hall. Bless these people who work so hard for us!

Juneteenth was a big event on Martha’s Vineyard. Many assembled, with masks and social distancing, in Ocean Park. Daniel Waters was there to photograph it for our museum. Some exceptional speeches were presented. Same time, next year, hopefully as a national holiday.

Congratulations to Petey Berendt of Coop de Ville. His restaurant has won the Martha’s Vineyard Magazine poll of best wings on the Island–for the sixteenth year in a row!

Congratulations to Sandy Fisher on her retirement from FedEx after years of service to all Islanders. We will miss her cheery yet efficient style and, most of all, her smile.

Congratulations to a smart and sweet young lady, Elizabeth Sullivan, on her graduation from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Elmsford, N.Y. This is a beautiful and supportive school where my mother was the music teacher, church organist and choir director for many years. Elizabeth is headed to Montfort Academy in Mt. Vernon in September. Her parents are my dear friends, Greg Sullivan and Josephine Martello Sullivan.

And congratulations to our author, Judith Campbell, who announces her new book, Paper Trail, is out on Kindle via Amazon. This is her third mystery in the Viridienne Green series. It tells us someone is stealing priceless documents from the Colonial History Museum in Plymouth and must be stopped. It’s always an adventure with Judy!

Our Martha’s Vineyard Museum is preparing to reopen the campus. Members may attend the June 30 opening and the general public gets access on July 3. Come enjoy the exhibits and the Rose Styron Garden. The museum has developed a new, totally outdoor scavenger hunt for grownups and kids. This would also be a great time to become a member.

Our condolences to Howie Marlin and his family. Howie’s Mom, Selma Marlin, passed earlier this week. Selma was a most beautiful woman who left a vibrant legacy to her many children and grandchildren.

Happy anniversary to my dear friends, Altin Rizi and Nicole Stagg Rizi. They celebrated seven years of wedded bliss on June 23.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Willard Marden 3rd on June 20; Sammy Jo BenDavid celebrated on June 21; Cyndi Lauper and coach Jay Schofield partied on June 22; joining them this week is the new three-year-old, Luca Manalli, son of Nick and Angi; and on June 25, Carly Simon, Eva Lemoine and Jack O’Callaghan take the cake. Many happy returns.