Two-term incumbent Tisbury selectman Melinda Loberg lost her bid for another term to financial and advisory committee member Larry Gomez at the annual town election Tuesday.

The vote was 421-368. Third-runner Melanie Englert trailed with 45 votes.

A total of 855 voters cast ballots at the town emergency services building Tuesday, lining up outside to maintain correct social distance.

Voters overwhelmingly approved a $6.4 million borrowing measure for sewer expansion and increased capacity at the town wastewater plant. The vote was 622-176. Ms. Loberg has been deeply involved in the project.

Mr. Gomez is a former firefighter who returns to the board after serving alongside Ms. Loberg in her first term.

“I’m surprised,” he said after the votes were counted Tuesday night. “I thought it would be a lot closer.”

Both candidates were outside the polls all day and stayed for the vote count.

Ms. Loberg, who ended last week’s selectman’s meeting by thanking the community, again expressed gratitude.

“I have thanked the community for the time I’ve been allowed to work for them,” she said. “It’s time for me to retire, and I’m happily looking forward to that.”

The polls opened at noon and closed at 8 p.m., using the clock in the automatic vote counting machine as the official timepiece, constable Michael Ciancio said.

The machine clock was in sync with the noon whistle at the emergency services facility, Mr. Ciancio added.

But it appeared to have run about two minutes ahead of the time on mobile devices, and a woman who arrived just after Mr. Ciancio closed the polls was told she could not vote.

In a letter emailed to the Gazette Tuesday night, J.M. Shea alleged that she and three others were turned away from the polls at 7:58 p.m.

Recounting her version of events, Ms. Shea wrote:

“The four of us arrived according to the computers on our phones and our watches that we arrived at 7:58 p.m.”

She continued:

“According to the town of Tisbury ‘s website, the polls were open from noon to 8 p.m. The constable told us that the machine closed it self after the allotted time. If this is true, the machine was started before noon.

“Had I arrived at 8 or later, I would not be writing this letter. I would have conceded gracefully. As it was, not only my phone and watch read 7:58, but the phones and watches of three other voters read the same.

“If every vote counts, four votes went uncounted this evening.”