Morning Sky

Next week the morning sky gets the attention. A thin crescent moon will hang over the southeastern sky late in the coming week. On Thursday morning, well before sunrise, the crescent moon appears above the planet Venus, the brightest planet in the sky.

The two will be considerably closer on Friday morning.

It is hard to imagine that the constellations of winter are already now coming around on the other side of the sun. The Moon and Venus are in the zodiacal constellation Taurus, a truly winter constellation.

Tonight, one of the bright stars of the season, Arcturus is now close to the zenith after dusk. Arcturus is the main star in the constellation Bootes, the shepherd. The Big Dipper, also called Ursa Major, is nearby. Arcturus shephards spring and summer.

For convenience, if you can find the Big Dipper in this warmer weather, you can find Arcturus. The handle of the Big Dipper points directly at Arcturus.

Sunrise and Sunset
Day Sunrise Sunset
Fri., June 12 5:06 8:16
Sat., June 13 5:06 8:16
Sun., June 14 5:06 8:17
Mon., June 15 5:06 8:17
Tues., June 16 5:06 8:17
Wed., June 17 5:08 8:18
Thurs., June 18 5:06 8:18
Fri., June 19 5:06 8:18
Temperatures and Precipitations
Day Max (Fº) Min (Fº) Inches
June 5 80 61 0.05
June 6 69 61 0.41
June 7 71 58 0.02
June 8 68 52 T
June 9 75 55 0.00
June 10 75 54 0.00
June 11 73 60 0.00


Water temperature in Edgartown harbor: 68º F


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