A week ago Saturday we had significant rain. My friend, Sharlee, reported over three inches on Chappy. Nevertheless, my gardens are all dry and in need of another good soaking.

Sadly, I still have quite a few seedlings trapped in their seed trays. There is never enough time to do everything planned in a day.

I did finally plant the paste tomatoes and winter squashes. Several of the spring blooming shrubs and trees have already lost their blossoms. I wonder if gardener’s heaven will have everything in bloom all the time.

I have a lone female turkey who gets into my vegetable garden. It has stopped irritating me for some reason. I watched her pick eat every single flower from several buttercups. They behave in a weedy fashion anyway. I was downright amused at the sight.

There are two perfect bridal wreath spirea opposite Delano and State Roads in Vineyard Haven. You never see them in the newer landscaped properties. Too bad.

Last spring I planted some lupine seeds. They wintered-over and are in full and glorious bloom. Violet took a photo which appears at the top.

I noticed several dogwood, Cornus florida blooming at the West Tisbury end of North Road. No one uses them any more. I guess they had some sort of disease several years ago. The more popular Kousa dogwood is everywhere but will bloom a bit later.

The white Shasta Viburnum is happening right now and could be mistaken for a Kousa dogwood. It holds its flowers on the top of the branches also.

I spent several hours over the past weekend weeding my carrots. They take so long to germinate and are hard to see so naturally the weeds get a huge head start. I’m hopelessly overrun with the wild pink morning glory. Sometimes I can worry free a two-foot long white root. No matter, they just keep on coming. I saw a tent caterpillar on the Edgartown/West Tisbury Road. And so it begins, insect pests enjoy summer too. I’ve been picking tiny beets no bigger than dimes. I cook them with their skins and greens and we’ve been having them warm on salads. The real key to vegetable gardening is eating things small. If a person waits for a bigger crop, it will most likely go to seed. The area can be replanted several times in a season.

The deer have eaten all the bottom branches of both the hollies and rhodys. I’ve given up and am tired of spraying so am cutting all the bottoms and forming trees that start above what they are able to reach.

I’ve said this many times, acceptance implies something was unacceptable in the first place. Do I have to get to a place of acceptance of the current world situation or keep complaining? For today I’m choosing the latter.

I’ve been asking people if we are at the end of the world. No one has said no. I thought the results of the 2016 Presidential election would be bad but not this bad. Over 100,000 of our fellow Americans are dead because the powers that be were asleep at the switch. Now, the United States citizens exercising their First Amendment right of assembly are facing the threat of the military coming after them.

We knew that Trump had authoritarian tendencies but wow! Are we turning into Hong Kong?

The last straw for me was the photo with the Holy Bible. We would be better served if he would take a look inside the book.